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Bohjass Big Bash


8pm, donation entry

heath cod here with the channel 17 news

year zero is almost passed
in 1997 it was agreed by 97 per cent of climate scientists that the year 2017 was the critical point of no return for climate change
of course the current world oligarchy shuns scientific fact over oblivious and tyrannical greed
if i could just fit the 1 per centers in my mouth i may even swallow

but on another note...its good to see young georgie pell coming back to a rapturous reception in ballarat...all those grown up kiddies will surely have lots to reminisce about with the 3rd highest piece of shit on earth

this is not to be confused with wednesday nite at 303 of course

7pm absolutely fantastic new band"übu roi"

8/30pm the long awaited return of the brooklyn kid "damien ellis band" bringing the swinging rope just a little bit closer to the edge

10pm bohjass melt the ice on a july gin and tonic with such malevolent gusto that even good old georgie may feel a little embarassed

the band these days consists of:

young rex on blow
binda on toot
brae of the jazz on strumpet
mickka on pling
alwah on big pling
babalui on hit
chewy on more hit
rama from uzbekistan on big hit
josel on fashion

if you get a chance read soul on ice by eldridge cleaver
and this changes everything by naomi klein

this has been heath cod with a very special news report

bohjass are...

ali watts electric bass
belinda woods flutes
micka power gtr
oscar francais pino noir
luigi cuban missile portararo on oh oh conga (who remembers "the banana splits"?)
harry renaldo on persuasive percusso rain
daniela bratwurst the third on battery inspired dream

chewy lewis in chicken tray, assorted globules of thought and misrceant

and lastly, mostly leastly but never leslie

the ingratiable uncle e on woodwind macabre

Bohjass is Tim Pledger's longest running band. Bohjass began in 1986 as a trio called Bohemian Jazz. Over the years Bohjass has played in many locations including a long standing residency at the Glengarry Castle Hotel in Redfern Sydney and many country NSW tours. After moving to Melbourne in early 1993 with his band Sufi Dervish, Tim reformed Bohjass after teaming up with musicians at NMIT in Collingwood in 1994. In 1995 Tim entered VCA under the direction of the legendary Brian Brown and met up with like minded improvisors including Belinda Woods, John O'Hagan, Will Guthrie, Cam Macallister, Will Poskitt and many others. In 1997 Bohjass won the VCA Atheneum Award as best Ensemble in the Improvisation stream. Bohjass has played in many venues over the years including the Sydney Opera House and  Bennetts Lane Jazz Club and has appeared at many festivals including Folk Rhythm and Life, quite a few Fringe festivals, Jazz Fringe festivals, The Quiet Music Festival, many High Vibes Festivals on High St Northcote and most recently at the Falls Festival at Lorne.

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