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Fight Club presents "This Might Get Loud"


Fight Club presents "This Might Get Loud"
A month of Wednesdays featuring rowdy, vibrant and sometimes explosive music of the improvised nature
Set 1 8.30pm
Set2 9.30

Wed 6th

I Hold The Lion's Paw- Led By Reuben Lewis

Wed 13th


Wed 20th
Michael Meagher Jenny Barnes Duo

Wed 27th
Duos & Trios with Michael Meagher, Dave Brown and Tom O’Dywer

The Groups
Sam Prics drums/electronics
Ronny Ferella drums/percussion

I Hold The Lion’s Paw
I Hold The Lion's Paw- represents a larger collective who have made music together for several years. Whilst the formations modulate, the ethos remains as one of exploration into the in-betweens of groove, group improvisation and transient compositional forms. These act as gravitational pulls, with the music finding a balance somewhere in between.

Reuben Lewis - trumpet & compositions
Jordan Murray - trombone
Scott McConnachie - saxophones
Geoff Hughes - guitar
Ronny Ferella - drums
Dave Brown - electric bass
Tom Lee - acoustic bass

Michael Meagher electric bass
Shaun Rammers saxophone
Ronny Ferella drums