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Geotech #3

Slice Records presents,
Geotech #3.
A night of underground electronic music from local artists and producers.


Point Zero Productions
Alpha Loopy
Squiddy Fiddler
Raped By Noise
Fate Æffect


A project by Melbourne based artist Vijay Thillaimuthu, is centred on the manifestation of sound in the visual medium. Concerned with the exposition of electronic sound synthesis through visualisation, Xenosine provides all encompassing multi-sensory works & live experiences driven by heavy rhythmic progression by means of modular synthesiser & theremin controller.

Clint Grierson is Melbourne based sound designer, musician, digital artist and graphic designer.
Point Zero Productions is the outlet for the work, which includes freelance graphic design, digital art, electronic music as well as sound design for Propellerheads Reason and Reason Refills.
Clint ‘s vision integrates the love of sound, music, art and technology into a singular point of creativity. The Zero Point.

Real people creating live beats and tunes in front of your eyes.
What started as an exploration of looping software, has now evolved into a full blown side project for Melbourne based singer/songwriter, Carolyn Oates, under the guise of Alpha Loopy. Oates had locked herself away in a little cabin in the Yarra Valley to experiment with some new gear and in a matter of a few weeks a new live instrumental project was born. Taking her back to her keyboard roots, she has created a spellbinding set of electro-pop music that is created live at every show.

0F.DIGITAL. constructs minimalist sound sculptures, using digital and analog hardware. Taking influence from 80s and 90s industrial music, as well as IDM and minimal techno, the resulting auditory product is dark, repetitive and psychedelic.

Driven by his constant mantra 'Does not dance, do not feed, do not smile openly, and keep my focus on the task of musicianshiping' Squiddy, Aka Rafe Squidd, is deadly serious when requesting that you 'FARKN MOVE CUNTS' in whatever way that whatever nonsense is befalling the ear.
Brandishing an inconsistant and eclectic range of experimental electronica, often left loose awkwardly in the 'mix', Squiddy encourages an appreciation for the ragged and freyed edges of music, and hopes one might engage in a delightfully short lived chance to spout vacuous musical platitudes when, really, hes just frunging ordinary people with snares n noise. . .
Watch the norms cry with me . . .

SANFI. aka Sado
Mixing abrasive breakcore with deep ragga samples, acid bass lines and jungle drums, his music is the perfect flavour combination for people new to breakcore as well as those that have always been fans. Sanfi has been a cornerstone in the Melbourne breakcore community for years.

LYSDEXIC. (Hopscotch)
Began its existence as garbled experiments in freeform sound design, audio manipulation and textural soundsculpting before moving into rhythmic based composition. Drawing influence from autechre, Ryoji Ikeda, Richard Devine and other heavy glitch luminaries - Lysdexic continues to explore and destroy the audio spectrum. /

Behind the veil, amidst clouds and voodoo trinkets, is Fate Æffect. Inspired by occult insight and visions of dystopia, this industrial and dark electronica project has been producing multi-faceted esoteric sounds since 2003. His work is a vessel for musical experimentation and inspiration unrestricted by genre, flirting with a range of electronic styles from industrial, dark techno, weird bedroom beats and electronica, idm noise/ambient. Fate Æffect’s live setup and production techniques change constantly and aims to create feelings in gyrations of sensory awareness.

First show in 10 years, formed at the start of 1998 - now with member Alexei P as 2nd guitarist.


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