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Geotech #5


Slice Records presents: Geotech #5.
The next installment of Slice's Underground Electronic Music Nights 'Geotech' will feature a night of Tech / Prog / Acid. There will live acts, semi live acts, DJ's playing live and or semi live, possibly not alive...
These nights are about getting people together and for everyone to enjoy tunes from local, quality producers and DJ's in the comfy surrounds of Bar 303!


Phase 7
Psychoacoustic Vision/Tok'ra
Lonely Faces

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PHASE 7>>>>
Phase 7 is the Techno & Progressive House orientated project of Dan Silver who is also responsible for the psychedelic chill act Robodop Snei. The music can be described as a positive energy blast with grooves that just plainly aim to make you dance and have a good time. With influences from Techno, Progressive and Tech House with a pinch of psychedelia it is an exciting mix for any dance journey. Whether it's a Live Set or a DJ Set - Phase 7 is always aimed to make people smile and dance ! Phase 7 DJ Sets are featuring Dan's most recent discoveries & favorite artists along those same lines... a journey thru Techno, Tech & Prog House with the garanty to move! Since 2003 Part of uncountable House Parties, Out Door and Club Events in and around Melbourne, it's only a matter of time until you will be able to enjoy a Phase 7 Set.

Clint Grierson is Melbourne based sound designer, musician, digital artist and graphic designer.
Point Zero Productions is the outlet for the work, which includes freelance graphic design, digital art, electronic music as well as sound design for Propellerheads Reason and Reason Refills.
Clint ‘s vision integrates the love of sound, music, art and technology into a singular point of creativity.
The Zero Point.

TOK'RA>>>> (Universal Tribe.Highly Evolved Music)
Tok'ra brings light and dark electronic beat driven storysets. Staefns' psytrance productions under Psychoacoustic Vision get reimagined under Tok'ra, turning them into slower electronic beats that blend from day to night, creating the unique experience of hearing the same song reimagined in different genres. Tok'ra creates a wide variety of music, depending on the time of day or length of set, the story can vary from relaxing electronic beats to hypnotic driving techno and finally reaching dark atmospheric techno, always focusing on his own sound design and atmosphere signature.

MOSKALIN>>>> (Doesn't Matter)
Originally from Israel, Moskalin has been involved in many aspects of the electronic music for over 15 years, being an active part of the Israeli doof and clubbing scene. In 2009 he migrated to Australia and quickly established himself in the Melbourne scene as a versatile and reliable DJ, continuing to hone his extensive range of multi-genre experience. In January 2013 he co-formed the Doesn't Matter series in Melbourne which seeks to provide a new platform and home for house & techno purists and novices alike.

SIRC>>>> (Acid Chicken)
Sirc a Melbourne based electronic music producer using hardware based synths, drum machines, samplers and sequencers creating familiar through to experimental sounds and eclectic rhythms that push the boundaries of dance music.

LONELY FACES>>>> (Tempest)
Is a Melbourne based producer experimenting with what ever electronic equipment he can get his hands on. The result is some hearty grooves and uneasy spaces. Respect to Roger Linn and Bob Moog. Spans a variety of influences. Diverse in stylistic breadth, the album was created as an aural experiment on classic analogue synthesizers, heavily influenced by classic techno and electro sounds.

JIMMI-WOODS>>>> (Slice)
Jimmi-Woods is a Melbourne, Australian based producer an experimental electronic musician who could be considered a genre crosser who underpins his sound with tech infused grooves. In every production he is continuously thinking outside the square but most importantly allows the music to develop where it needs to grow.

ADSY aka Pom Pom>>>>
Putting production on the back burner for now, Adsy has found solace in the hunt and absolute search for the most amazing tracks being produced by the most amazing brains from around this fantastic planet we call earth!!


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