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Tom Fryer Band


Tom Fryer Band

Smokin' Grooves, Honkin' Riffs and Killer Vibes

Tom Fryer - Fretless Guitar and Fretted Guitar
Adrian Sherriff - Keyboard
Philip Day - Trumpet
Nick Delaney - Multiscale Bass :-)
Ryan Menezes - Drums

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Tom Fryer Band Winter Tour - Tuesday July 23rd
This week we play on a Tuesday at Bar 303. The band will be nicely rested after an extended period of relaxation…
The line-up is:

7:30 pm - Phil Day - Solo Trumpet
Still cooling his heels from his recent La Mama Musica show Phil Day will be polishing his knee-knockers and exploring the resonances of the body/trumpet instrument! Take a deep breath!

8:30 pm Strangerous with:
Kier Stevens - lap steel
Michael Mitrevski - guitar
Julia Bebenek - drums
Andrew Carr - Keys
"Nobody forced [Strangerous] to [perform]. Nobody? Ah yes, [polyrhythms] had made us do it. When once we had understood, when once we had realised to the full, what a liar [fancy musical concepts] are, and what liars it makes of honest [musicians], we swore never to [syncopate another groove] and even to give up our occasional [group improvisation or Carnatic fusion tune]. But what are resolutions, what are plans? - adaptation from the Hans Fallada novel, The Drinker.

9:30 pm - Tom Fryer Band with:
Tom Fryer - fretless and fretted guitars
Phil Day - trumpet
Adrian Sherriff - keys
Nick Delaney - bass
Ryan Menezes - drums
What they said! ^

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