303 can be broken into two pieces:

The Front Bar

A glassy-fronted space, with a long curving wooden bar, loads of tables and chairs and a small stage to fit Jazz bands, Acoustic acts & Dj's. It's also cosy accommodation for a vintage 60’s Hammond organ (B3 in a churchy cabinet) and mighty ‘Leslie’ rotary speaker.

The Band Room

303's featured space is an angled floor that leads down to our main stage with its newly updated sound system.

These are the two pieces 303 can be broken into. Suppose you have a giant hammer. 303 could brake up into a lot more than just 2 pieces if you bashed it with said giant hammer. But who can even lift a giant hammer?

Film Nights

Films have turned into something of a spectator sport, ever since the invention of the eyeball. 303, always keen to try new things, saw this craze and became interested. Past events include The 303 Cinema, Local Shorts, Cine-Cult, Cinerarium, Melbourne Horror, Dub Offs, Live Soundtracks & many showcases and premiers.


303 has a large network of emerging artists, spread out across the land, doing arty things and generally applying colour and ideas to mostly flat surfaces. Some of this work ends up, for any stretch of time, on the walls of 303.