303 Gig Guide
Jul 8

303 Gig Guide

Wednesday 21st June – ‘jazz’

Outsider + Josh Kelly + Emily Bennett

8pm, $5



Thursday 22nd June – ‘album launch, acoustic, rock’

Jack R. Reilly + Max Quinn + Leah Romero + Jo Neugebauer + Obscura Hail




Friday 23rd June – ‘reggae dub soundsystem’

Sound Dimensions: Solid Foundation

8pm, free entry




Saturday 24th June – ‘funk soul party’

The Hip Streets + The Miles Henry Trio + Emilia & The Scarlettes

7pm, $10/$5



Sunday 25th June – ‘rock, pop’

El Duende + Laura MacFarlane + Ashtray Boy



Monday 26th June – ‘rock, jazz’

Melbourne Polytechnic Music

7pm, free

Tuesday 27th June – ‘comedy‘

Smiling Politely Comedy

7:30pm, donation



Wednesday 28th June – ‘jazz’

Musk Stick + Young DcMonald

8pm, donation



Thursday 29th June – ‘blues, soul’

Kickin the B at 303’
Thursday Hammond Sessions:

Leroy’s Hammond Trio

8pm doors, $10



Friday 30th June – ‘pop punk’

Agent 37 + The Beggar's Way + Brodown + Spencer Vine + Nathan Brailey

8pm, $10



Saturday 1st July – ‘electronica, slice records’

Geotech 2 feat: Trickbox, LazyboyProactive + more

7pm, $10



Sunday 2nd July – ‘alt folk’

Jacob Diamond (WA) + Gena Rose Bruce + Liv Cartledge + Time Robb




Monday 3rd July – ‘funk, soul, jazz’

303 Yarra Banks Jam Night

8pm, free



Tuesday 4th July – ‘melbourne ukelele kollective‘

Klub MUK

7:30pm, free



Wednesday 5th July – ‘jazz’

Bohjass + Lo Res

8pm, donation



Thursday 6th July – ‘blues, soul’

Kickin the B at 303’
Thursday Hammond Sessions:

The Jackson Four

8pm doors, $10

Friday 7th July – ‘electronica’



Saturday 8th July – ‘single launch’

The Good Minus

7pm, $10

8:00 pm20:00

El Duende + Laura MacFarlane + Ashtray Boy

Sydney's El Duende are touring Melbourne with their new album "Making Storms"! This is their fourth album and as usual it is jam packed with great songs, thanks to singer-songwriter Daniel Morphett (ex Craven Fops, Godbotherers) and the talents of the core band members Peter Card, Michael Linney and Kael Lin.

"...original songs in the vein of The National, Echo and the Bunnymen, with a hint of The Saints"
"...echoes of Scott Walker at his most reflective, of John Cale (circa Paris 1919), even of mariachi."

Daniel's songs have been covered by Bad Seed Mick Harvey and Cruel Sea member James Cruickshank.

They will be joined at Bar303 by the very talented Laura MacFarlane (ninetynine) & Ashtray Boy

8:00 pm20:00

'Kickin the B' Hammond Sessions

Double header with The Po Boys and Miles Henry Trio


This is the rhythm section of local soul legends- Fulton Street. Get your stank faces on because they jam pretty hard.

Doors @ 8pm, only $10 entry, and music from 9-11pm. Git you self down for some funky hammond grooves!

The Po’ Boys are a collection of noise makers who have come together as a result of their mutual love for classic soul rhythm sections from the 60’s and 70’s. Drawing inspiration from bands such as The JB’s, The MG’s, The Meters and more contemporary bands such as The New Mastersounds and Vulfpeck, The Po’ Boys have profoundly explored the term ‘groove.’
Featuring special guests Rob Simone and Lauren Brydie.

The Miles Henry Trio pulls out the tonewheel grease from deep in the pocket to bring you their original grooves, and pay homage to the likes of Brother Jack McDuff, Milt Buckner and Steve Jordan. Featuring Quentin Roth on Hammond, Miles Henry on the drum kit, and Angus Radley on bass, the trio returns to 303 for this sermon of the holy boogaloo. Special guest to be announced.


8:00 pm20:00

Agent 37 + The Beggar's Way + Brodown + Spencer Vine + Nathan Brailey

Agent 37 the band you know and like are coming back to melbourne after an extended absence, and better yet it's our 5th birthday! We're Preps! We've got a bunch of new songs to play you, which will be on our upcoming 2nd album, due out before the end of the year as well, so make sure you coming along and check it out!

Joining us will be
The Beggars' Way
Spencer Vine
and Nathan Brailey & The Big Southern(nathan solo)

$10 entry, from 8pm!

7:00 pm19:00

Slice Crew Presents: GEOTECH #2

Slice Crew Presents: GEOTECH #2
Geotech number # 2 is happening at Bar 303 with some quality eclectic & original live electronica from a massive lineup of local artists and producers. With visuals from Sambot.
Gonna be massive and wicked fun. Hope to see you there!

Date: 1st of July, 2017.
Location: Bar 303, 303 High Street, Northcote.
Time: 7pm - 1am
Tickets: https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/slice-presents-geotech-2-feat-trickbox-more-tickets-34692387866
Door: $10

TRICKBOX (Culture Jam)
SAMBOT (Tanglewood) - Visuals

The Trickbox project creates entire electronic sets on the spot using electronic and natural instruments going into a live looper; adapting the set spontaneously to each environment.
The tools are two synths, a melodica, a hand-drum with theramin, vocal effects and bags full of cheeky tricks, including the ability to sample FM radio and the crowd, and then live remix and tweak the input into a new song.
The show is a performance, and an interaction with the environment it surrounds. Any sound, style and speed is possible and this is decided in the moment. Each set is unique, and is made only for the moment, each sound and song, never to be heard the same again.

- Launching the album 'Fireworks'.
The Hep Cat Heppel has been producing genre bending music for over 15 years. Coming from a live music background, he seamlessly mixes organic with electronic, creating amazing music which is hard to classify. File under: glitch/electronica,prime beats.
Labels to release Stickleback include Synchronos Recordings, Cosmicleaf, Slalom Records, Eyelash Records, Rajon and Yellow Sunshine Explosion.

LazyBoyProactive is becoming one of Melbourne’s favorites with their fusion of tech, Break elements with live vocals, guitars, synths and live drums. This powerhouse duo has been active since 2006, with the final aim to offer much more than music to their audience, striving to deliver a mind-blowing audio and visual experience at their live shows. During those years Lazyboyproactive has released 2 concept albums as well two singles and done remixes for various artists locally and internationally. Don’t miss this epic spectacle.

A four piece live electronic outfit blending EDM/House music with elements of Space-Disco, Balearic House and Oriental Psychedelica into a groove-laden sonic spread.

Disco Computer.
Electro duo Disco Computer, based in Melbourne Australia, Disco Computer have been around since 2006 entertaining people in several states with an 70's, 80's & 90's influenced set of originals and covers.
Armed with a set of old school synths (no VST's here thank you very much), Disco Computer will get your party pumping with it's infectious collection of originals and covers! Hopefully they'll be at a venue near you in the not so distant future.

immi-Woods is a Melbourne, Australian based producer an experimental electronic musician who could be considered a genre crosser who underpins his sound with tech infused grooves. In every production he is continuously thinking outside the square but most importantly allows the music to develop where it needs to grow.

Fate Æffect.
Vessel for musical experimentation and inspiration unrestricted by genre, flirting with a range of electronic styles from industrial, dark techno, weird bedroom beats and electronica, breakcore to noise/ambient. Fate Æffect’s live setup and production techniques change constantly and aims to generate gyrations of sensory awareness.

Arcane Trickster.
- Launching the album 'Far From Here'.
Arcane Trickster is a project centered around producer, Damiano Verna. Usually operating as a collaborative project with a variety of musicians, in particular long time musical partner, John Crombie, Arcane Trickster's eclectic music spans the genres of electronic music. Arcane Trickster have released on labels such as Tempest Recordings, Cosmicleaf Records, Yellow Sunshine Explosion, Liberation, Equinox Productions, Earthcore, Green Ant, and more.

The Asymmetric music project encompases an appreciation and creation of music with deep melody and crisp sound design concepts, tailoring to psytrance techno and break beat modalities of composition. It is the aim of this project to find and create electronic arrangements that embue classical and barogue dark melodies all the way to emotive soaring leads, with a combination of hard granular and modulated grooves and sound textures to arrive at a creative juxtaposition of modern and past time traditions of electronic music.



Yarra Banks 303 Jam
8:00 pm20:00

Yarra Banks 303 Jam

The Yarra Banks Jam is back on for the first and third Monday of every month, featuring the inimitable face melter Raleigh Williams on vocals, plus our totally pimped out house band of salty Melbourne sea dogs [not actually salty, or sea dogs...a little bit salty maybe]. Bring your horn, guitar, sticks or whatever else you can make noise with down to Bar 303 on the 1st and 3rd Monday of the month, and scratch that soul, blues, jazz and funk itch you know you have, before it turns into a rash.

Jamming starts 8:15pm.

free entry


Klub M.U.K
7:00 pm19:00

Klub M.U.K

Let There Be Uke!

Klub MUK is an Open Uke Stage the first Tuesday of each month at 303. All ukers welcome to get up and do their thang. Come early if you want to get your name on the list!

7:00pm, Free.

The Melbourne Ukulele Kollective, M.U.K., is an open-armed gaggle of ukers of all ages and persuasions, each equipped with only four strings and the truth! With small egos and big dreams, they're on a crusade to bring the greatest glory to the humblest of instruments and put music back into the hands and hearts of the people.



The first ukulele group in Australia, the Melbourne Ukulele Kollective is still boldly going where no ukuleles have gone before. The “muk” is open to all who wish to join her, regardless of experience, and they delight in crossing borders, smashing boundaries and raising the humble ukulele to new heights! They perform in Art and Music Festivals, pubs, race courses, parks, theatres, schools and on the streets. In 2004 they proclaimed that the Ukulele Revolution had arrived. They now proclaim its glorious victory!


8:00 pm20:00

Bohjass + Lo Res

Donation entry. Cd's available at the door for $20.

'Thousand Footsteps' is expansive and broad, whereas 'Invisible Desert', recorded on the same day was more personal and intimate. 'Thousand Footsteps' is an allegory of change in a world of complacent discontent; a world where the future is unseen, unknown and extremely fragile.
The band once again shine in an atmosphere of musical alliance that portrays a beautiful yet simple comittment to wholistic music making.

Timothy Mark Pledger - Saxophones and Guitar
Alastair Watts - Bass Mick Power - Guitar,
Belinda Woods - Flutes Oscar France - Keyboard
Chris Lewis - Percussion Luigi Portararo - Percussion
Daniel Brates - Drums Harry Shaw Reynolds - Drums

Bohjass explore an aural terrain that celebrates European cinematic landscapes whilst traversing a cascading free jazz spirit.

Tim Pledger ~ sax
Belinda Woods ~ flute
Mick Power ~ guitar
Oscar France ~ keyboard/synth
Ali Watts ~ Bass
Daniel Brates ~ Drum kit
Harry Shaw-Reynolds ~ Drum kit
Chris Lewis ~ Percussion
Luigi Portararo ~ Percussion


7:00 pm19:00


CineCult303 continues its season showcasing female-identifying directors with a screening of Penelope Spheeris’ DUDES (1987).
Spheeris, known for SUBURBIA, THE DECLINE OF WESTERN CIVILISATION TRILOGY and WAYNE’S WORLD, has had historically shitty luck in securing releases for her films, with THE DECLINE OF WESTERN CIVILISATION TRILOGY being unavailable for over 20 years due to music rights issues.
The same is true for DUDES, which is still without any release since its original, short VHS release in the ‘80s, due to - you guessed it - music rights issues.
The film itself is a punk road-trip adventure/comedy, starring John Cryer (PRETTY IN PINK, SUPERMAN 3… Jesus, looking at his IMDB page can cause cringing. We don’t care what you say, Ducky is the proto-‘Nice Guy’, and is super gross). Flea, from your dorky cousin’s favourite band The Red Hot Chilli Peppers, is in it for some reason.
DUDES is an important part of the evolution of one of America’s most interesting, unfortunately largely forgotten, filmmakers, and this CineCult303 screening is one of the only chances you’ll have to see the film, projected gloriously from an original VHS, which was loaned to us by a mysterious stall holder who seemingly turned to dust when we looked back to find him again.
Turn up at 7 for a drink and to get a good seat for a 730 start.
Gold coin donation to help us keep shit weird.

The feature will commence at 7:30pm but please arrive early to imbibe, and procur good seats.
A gold coin donation will garner you entry.

CineCult303 is a not-for-profit film night dedicated to keeping the weird alive. Gold coin donation for entry. All proceeds will be donated to local arts organisations to keep the weird growing.



7:30 pm19:30

Peanut Noir Comedy

Peanut Noir welcomes you to Northcote’s legendary Bar 303 for the very first ALT-COM-CHUCKLE-BOMB of the year...

Grab a drink, take a seat and enjoy some of Melbourne’s most restless comedic talent bringing you their weirdest and most wonderful work!


Your host for the evening is Alex Chilton

This month’s stellar cast includes:

Natalie Harris
Sharnema Nougar
David Tieck
Rob Caruana
Rose Bishop
Winston Macadamia-Smith
and MORE!

8:30 pm20:30

Julien Wilson 'B for Chicken' Quartet


For the last two decades Julien has been an exciting and integral member of the Australian Jazz Scene. His tenor saxophone style can cover an incredibly broad stylistic and emotional range and is featured on over 60 CD's. He has received a number of prestigious awards, both personally, and as an integral member of a variety of critically acclaimed co-operative bands. In 2013 he formed Lionsharecords to release and distribute his own recordings. His work with the label was recognised by the 2015 APRA Art Music Award for EXCELLENCE IN JAZZ.




Darebin Songwriters Guild
3:30 pm15:30

Darebin Songwriters Guild

3:30–6:30pm, free
You are invited into the traditional back room of Bar 303, with the comfy couches, the well known stage, the friends, the atmosphere and the sharing of music.  Have a mulled wine, listen to the tunes and be part of our Darebin music community.

Melbourne might be getting ready to hibernate, but deep in the musical caves we are famous for, the music is always warm!

It will be an awesome line up this month, with new performers, long time performers and lots of talent!

Appearing at the Guild in June, in no particular order, will be:

Eddie Ink
Matthew Dean
Ruth Parker
Sam Terranova
Christina Green
Dean Lombard
Malcolm Turnbull
Dave Butt
Nathan Chapman
Phil Hudson

Your hosts, Fiona Claire and Dean Lombard, welcome everyone to the DSG for music and friendship.

We'll see you there!

Upcoming Session dates for 2017:

6 August
1 October
3 December



For more information about the Guild, see our website or Facebook page

Members of the Guild take turns playing three-song sets of their original material. Sessions happen monthly on Sunday afternoons at 303, from 3:30 to 6:30 pm. Email sessions@darebinsongwritersguild.org to book a spot.


8:00 pm20:00

Justin Yap Band - Hammond night

With their first album 'Long Way From Home' debuting at No. 3 on the Australian Blues Charts, the Justin Yap Band plays a potent blend of Deep Blues, Sanctified Soul, and Down-Home Funk. Led by guitarist Justin Yap, the band delivers electrifying and dynamic performances, bringing out their chemistry and energy in full force at every show.

Justin Yap - Guitar
Nardia Brancatisano - Vocals
Ollie Rolfe - Keys
Ben Wicks - Bass Guitar
Cameron Smith - Drums


8:00 pm20:00

Hammond night: The Artie styles Quartet

The Thursday Hammond Sessions - Kickin The B at 303 are presented on the first and last Thursdays of each month The Leslie will be spinning and the tone wheels in the mighty vintage B3 style Hammond Organ will be grinding .

The Artie styles Quartet: Serving up a tasting platter of jazz, soul, funk and RnB with a side of fiery improvisation.

8pm doors, $10


8:00 pm20:00

Buttered Loaf

Sam Cope - Hammond C3
Selwyn Cozens - Drums
Gideon Cozens - Guitar
Joe Greenway - Sax
Yuri Pavlinov - Bass

Buttered Loaf are Melbourne's rough 'n' ready gurus of gritty funk and reggae-laden roots, rock and soul music. Moonlighting as half of the legendary supergroup FRANKENSTEIN, they are Melbourne's most prolifically unproductive band and are proud of it!

8pm, $10

7:00 pm19:00

The Hip Streets

We've got an exciting gig next Friday night as we go back to the first show since celebrating our genesis! You can get some more details via the facebook event or just look at the poster! We'll be joined by some very talented young musicians including vocalist Abbey rose and keys player Kade Brown! We hope to see you there to enjoy the experience with us!!

$5 students/$10 workers

7:30 - The Hip Streets Early Set
8pm The PO Boys
9pm The Miles Henry Trio
10pm The Hip Streets feat. Abbey Rose


8:00 pm20:00


Echo Chamber Sound and Solid Foundation present a brand new night of reggae, dub and sound system culture:


Every month at Bar 303 we will feature local and interstate soundsystems and selectors on rotation playing the best in reggae and dubwise music at Bar 303 High Street Northcote.

The first sesssion is on Friday June 23 and features the heavyweight Melbourne sound SOLID FOUNDATION with full system and crew with guests Alex (Nuff Power) and LQ (Echo Chamber Sound)

Free entry

7:00 pm19:00

Jack R. Reilly + Max Quinn + Leah Romero + Jo Neugebauer + Obscura Hail

w/ Max Quinn, Jo Neugebauer & Obscura Hail

Sydney-based solo artist JACK R. REILLY is stoked to announce his new single ‘Newland Street’, together with a string of East Coast shows this June. ‘Newland Street’ is the follow up to 2016’s Video Tapes EP, and is available to listen to on Unearthed now.

Drawing from a wide landscape of influences, from Elliot Smith to Fugazi, Jack R. Reilly cultivates a vast landscape of emotion through his music. On ‘Newland Street’, an introduction of finger picked guitar grows to a full sonic soundscape with pianos and drawn out, ringing guitars. He sings of the little moments that give way to greater contemplations; considering survival, desire and belonging through the routine lens of travelling to work every day.

Originally hailing from Kiama, NSW, Jack R. Reilly has established himself as a welcomed staple of the NSW music scene. Testament to his versatile sound, over the last couple of years he has supported the likes of Into It. Over It. (USA), Kevin Devine (USA), Andy Bull, Tiny Ruins (NZ), Owl Eyes, Georgia Maq and Bec Sandridge, to name but a few. His last handful of singles have all had strong support on triple j Unearthed and even scored the co-sign of Kevin Smith (Jay and Silent Bob) who called his music “ingenious.”

To celebrate the release of ‘Newland Street’, Jack R. Reilly is playing four shows in NSW and Vic with Max Quinn this June with a stellar cast of friends to support

7:30 pm19:30

Alternative Hip Hop Party - 3CR Radiothon Fundraiser

Curse Ov Dialect
MC Izzy Brown (from political hip-hop crew Combat Wombat)
MC Lady Lash
...AND DJ Khepa from Global Intifada 3CR
Renowned for their intense live performances involving elaborate costumes, Curse Ov Dialect invites you to participate in their Dadaist stage theatrics.

MC Izzy will take you on an unforgettable ride of truth and rights mixed with dub-heavy bass.

Lady Lash is a storyteller from Kokatha country on the West Coast of South Australia who combines refreshing jazz melodies with soulful hip hop beats.
Come and party with Greek Resistance Bulletin as we raise funds toward the 2017 3CR Radiothon!

Every Tuesday at 10pm, Greek Resistance Bulletin brings you news from the social movements of Greece in English and Greek. News from the anti-fascist and anti-racist front and news of actions and political initiatives from below. Listen live or online at http://www.3cr.org.au/greekresistancebulletin.
Check out the acts here:

And listen to Izzy as part of Combat Wombat:

7:00 pm19:00

King River Rising (EP Launch) + The Mamas + Beautiful Moana + Drums Of War

After slogging it out a couple months ago in Hothouse Studios we've finally completed our first EP as a 5 piece titled "Lucid". With a horns section and percussion player the night is set to be special - not to mention the amazing bands that we have the honour of playing with!

So come down and check out some Reggae Rock, Soul, Motown, Rocksteady and Accapella magic. It's a night full of groove so make sure you bring your crew and come prepared.

King River Rising 11:00-12:15
The Mamas 10:00-10:45
Beautiful Moana 9:00-9:45
Drums Of War 8:00-8:45

$10 @ the door,
$15 w/ the Lucid EP

8:00 pm20:00

Otira Rogue + Dry Peach + Apporochable Members of Your Local Community

Otira Rogue and friends! We've got some killer bands joining us, so come down for a boogie, a hang, a laugh, a cry? It's going to be tight!!

Otira Rogue is an electric blend of funk, soul, jazz, hip hop, and psychedelica, cooking up a weird feast of fresh beats to move ya feets. Smooth like jesus but sensitive as a beast. Knee deep in what the moment keeps. A fleet sailing after sleep.

You will also be graced by 'Dry Peach', a collection of some fine ass funky jazz people, who will be slaying down some tasty grooves, and 'Apporochable Members of Your Local Community', who are a sort of political party who stand for having a good time, and being very approachable!

Set Times:

Dry Peach - 10
Otira Rogue - 11

Doors @ 830
Tickets at the door


8:00 pm20:00

Josh Kelly Trio + Mark Shepherd

3 weeks, 3 bands, 3 solo acts at 303
Wednesdays in June

June 7
Maria Moles Solo

& The Emergent Euphoric Experience of Energy Music
- - Josh Kelly + Adam Halliwell + Ziggy Zeitgeist - -
- - - Energy Improv Music - - -

June 14
Mark Shepherd Solo

& Josh Kelly Trio
- - Josh Kelly + Hiroki Hoshino + Maria Moles - -
- - - Modal Rhythm Jazz - - -

June 21
Emily Bennett Solo

& Outsider
- - Josh Kelly + Reuben Lewis + Adam Halliwell + Michael Mcnab
- - - Ambient Spacy Improv - - -

$5 door tickets
8:00pm start

Soft Power + Quadrifid
7:00 pm19:00

Soft Power + Quadrifid

To celebrate the Queen's birthday Soft Power are throwing a little bit of a chin-wag at Bar 303 on Monday 12th June.

Soft Power
+ more TBA

$7 on the door!


This event takes place on the stolen land of Elders past and present of the Kulin Nation; the Wurundjeri people. Sovereignty was never ceded.

Led by guitarist/composer Matthew Roche, Soft Power recalls the jazz traditions of yesteryear without resorting to nostalgia. Expect strong folkloric elements of simple pop-like melodies whilst being no strangers to fluid rock orientated grooves that keep everyone honest.



6:00 pm18:00


The Big Night Out:.

Original, live music with great diversity of sound and styles. A really cool venue in the heart of Northcotes high st, great options for food and drink and with a public holiday the day after, its a great opportunity to get out on a sunday, listen and groove to some awesome Melbourne muso's and forget about the normal routine for a while.


6pm -12am




7:00 pm19:00

Minetta + Clove + Starting Fires + Capital City Goofball

Come along and enjoy a night that spans across a few genres with the common denominator of supporting your locals and having a beer. With more than one of the acts releasing new music recently, and Capital City Goofball making their debut on stage - Friday the 9th of June is a night to be marked down on the calendar. $10 entry & doors are at 7pm. Tunes from 7:30!



7:30 pm19:30

Peny Bohan & Band + Faux Phoenix Band + Joni Sheila

Heya! first headlining gig with the new band!
Come along for some rollicking good times, there will be bass... there will be drums.... there will even be violin! Whooop

Supported by Faux Phoenix Band and Joni Sheila it will be a grand night.

$5 entry
Doors 7.30pm

Joni Sheila 8pm
Faux Phoenix 8.45
Peny Bohan 9.45



7:30 pm19:30


Eureka! The moment when you get three killer musicians and a DJ on stage together. Get ready to get your groove on.

As fun as it is having a boogie to a DJ playing funk, soul and disco edits, how much more fun can it be when those edits get funkified a whole lot more with some kick arse live musicians! The beats and tunes are just the beginning, with Mark and the Alex's free to layer and solo with impunity. No tune will be safe. What happens at any given point in time is up to us. If the soloist is flowing then we can keep it on. If the groove is tight, we can hold it.

Eureka! is Mark Knowledge on the decks and percussion, Alex Yarosh on guitar, Alexander Leslie Abercrombie Howroyd on sax and trumpet. Let the games commence!

Doors open from 7.30, $10


Wendy Rule
8:00 pm20:00

Wendy Rule

WENDY RULE - Melbourne Concert

Tickets $20 / $15 at the door
Doors Open 8pm, show starts 8.30

Tickets are $20 or $15 for low income, and are available at the door on the night. Doors will open 8pm, and show starts at 8.30, but feel free to come early for pre show drink in the front bar. Allow plenty of time to find a car park on this busy street, or better yet, catch the 86 tram that stops right outside.


Wild, passionate and empowering, Australian Visionary Songstress Wendy Rule, weaves together music, story and ritual to take her audience on an otherworldly journey of depth and passion. Drawing on her deep love of Nature and lifelong fascination with the worlds of mythology and Magic, Wendy’s songs combine irresistible melodies with rich aural textures and a rare personal honesty to create spiritual music.

Dark, sensual, sonic theatre…compelling stuff.
Rolling Stone Australia

3:00 pm15:00

Mal Webb & Kylie Morrigan

3pm, free entry/paid exit (donation)

Mal Webb and Kylie Morrigan

Vocal adventurer, multi-instrumentalist and looping beatboxing songwriter Mal sings his brain provoking songs using all sorts of vocal techniques, guitar, mbira, slide trumpet, trombone, chromatic harmonica and a loop recording pedal called Derek. And Kylie (who's played with Orchestra Victoria and the likes of Stevie Wonder and Barry White!) provides violin and voice in a perfect balance to Mal's nutsness. Their arrangements are intricate and playful. Imagine Einstein, Dr Seuss and Paganini making pancakes.

Around the world and into your brain, vocal adventurer, multi-instrumentalist and looping beatboxing songwriter Mal Webb sings his songs about all manner of stuff. He's like Bobby McFerrin, Aphex Twin and Cole Porter playing scrabble. Ebulliently eclectic. Nefariously varied. Family fun free from facile frippery. "You're a freak!"-Ani DiFranco


7:00 pm19:00

Rhythm of Rights! Asylum Seekers Benefit

Rhythm of Rights is an event born out of appreciation for music, collaboration, hard work and care.

A fundraiser benefit for - Asylum Seekers Resource Centre (ASRC) and Melbourne Artists for Asylum Seekers (MAFA) - organisations that work tirelessly to support and assist the asylum seeker communities and a platform for the funky rhythms of local bands to grace the same stage.

$5 DONATION ON THE DOOR, all proceeds go to ASRC

*** Squid Nebula
*** Cool Bananas
*** members of Lunatones

MC Raka Supriatna
Speakers from both ASRC and MAFA
Art/Craft stall, courtesy of MAFA

at Bar 303

Come on down &
show your support
for community
and creative


We are a group of Melbourne Polytechnic students studying Music Industry/Performance. We have been given as assessed task by our school to organise and produce a live music event and this here is the product.


Everyone is welcome, though this event is not accessible via wheelchair and is also an +18 venue, unless minors are accompanied by a guardian.

The organisers of this event acknowledge that this event and the work in the lead up to the event takes place on the land of the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin Nation. Sovereignty has not been ceded.

8:30 pm20:30

Fight Club All Stars + FABRIC

Ferella’s Fight Club feat: Reuben Lewis & Scott McConnachie + Michael Meagher & Jenny Barnes Duo

Fight Club is back for Round #4. Five weeks of workouts of the musical kind. Here it is:
3rd Michael Meagher & Jenny Barnes Duo 8.30
Fight Club-Reuben Lewis & Scott McConnachie 9.30
10th Fight Club-Tom Mansfield
17th Fight Club-Geoff Hughes & Scott McConnachie
24th Fight Club-Ziggy Zietgiest & Reuben Lewis
31st Fight Club All Stars

Fabric- Rammers sax Meagher bass Ferella drums

Bohjass + Munki
8:00 pm20:00

Bohjass + Munki

Bohjass + Munki

8pm, donation entry


bohjass are...

ali watts electric bass
belinda woods flutes
micka power gtr
oscar francais pino noir
luigi cuban missile portararo on oh oh conga (who remembers "the banana splits"?)
harry renaldo on persuasive percusso rain
daniela bratwurst the third on battery inspired dream

chewy lewis in chicken tray, assorted globules of thought and misrceant

and lastly, mostly leastly but never leslie

the ingratiable uncle e on woodwind macabre

Bohjass is Tim Pledger's longest running band. Bohjass began in 1986 as a trio called Bohemian Jazz. Over the years Bohjass has played in many locations including a long standing residency at the Glengarry Castle Hotel in Redfern Sydney and many country NSW tours. After moving to Melbourne in early 1993 with his band Sufi Dervish, Tim reformed Bohjass after teaming up with musicians at NMIT in Collingwood in 1994. In 1995 Tim entered VCA under the direction of the legendary Brian Brown and met up with like minded improvisors including Belinda Woods, John O'Hagan, Will Guthrie, Cam Macallister, Will Poskitt and many others. In 1997 Bohjass won the VCA Atheneum Award as best Ensemble in the Improvisation stream. Bohjass has played in many venues over the years including the Sydney Opera House and  Bennetts Lane Jazz Club and has appeared at many festivals including Folk Rhythm and Life, quite a few Fringe festivals, Jazz Fringe festivals, The Quiet Music Festival, many High Vibes Festivals on High St Northcote and most recently at the Falls Festival at Lorne.

7:00 pm19:00

Jamie MacDowell Hammond Combo

Jamie MacDowell’s Hammond Combo is the new instrumental project from Melbourne-based singer-songwriter Jamie MacDowell. After selling out shows at a slew of international festivals as one half of guitar/beatboxing duo Jamie MacDowell and Tom Thum, he’s bringing it home to Melbourne to give his tunes the Hammond treatment. Joined by Felix Elliot-Dedman on keyboards and Holly Norman on drums, the band is a platform for MacDowell’s lyrically acrobatic showmanship, weaving together flavours of blues, jazz, RnB, and soul, to create anthems of truth for the everyman that pack a meaningful punch. Original music dished up with elongated jams, hypnotic syncopation, tasty organ licks and a 10% chance of
spontaneously breaking into a Destiny’s Child rap.

8:00 pm20:00

West African Drum & Dance Party

Our colourful show will portray West African culture through rhythms, songs, and movement incorporating African dance and drumming at its best with Aboriginal didgeridoo. Come and see our high energy blend of West African and Aboriginal culture . An original performance, not seen anywhere else.

The evening will include:

Mic Neda

Azonto Mix (DJ Marrs and DJ Vyruz

Shabba/Dancer (Ghana

Kofi Kunkpe/Drummer (Ghana

Julius Bright Sackey/Dancer (Ghana

Nii Kpakpo Addo/Dancer (Ghana

Mohamed Camra ( Guinea

Doors Open at 8:00PM

Entry fee $20


7:30 pm19:30

Bollard + Gostwyck + Georgia Smith Band

"The more they play, the angrier they get!"

Local acts Bollard and Georgia Smith team up with Sydney band Gostwyck for the Melbourne leg of their single tour. Come down to 303 for a night of musical activity, have a couple of drinks on us and dance til ya can't dance no more.

$5 entry


Check out the bands here:


After the success of their debut EP ‘It’s All A Dream’ and tour which featured sold out headline shows in Sydney, Wollongong and Canberra, Sydney’s up and coming alt-rock six-piece Gostwyck are back, and set to celebrate the upcoming release their new single 'Riverstone' on The Riverstone Tour.

The tune signals a new direction for the band, drawing on strong 80’s New Wave influences channeling the arena sounds of Fleetwood Mac, Bruce Springsteen and The Cure while holding steadfast to the ambient aesthetic reminiscent of The War on Drugs and Gang of Youths. Having spent the last six months refining their recorded and live sound with accomplished producer Lewis Mitchell (The Parliament Studios), Gostwyck are back with their punchy and mesmerising live show, embarking on The Riverstone Tour this April, May and June!


"The more they play, the angrier they get!" - Jack Anstey

"Bollard are definitely the kind of guys that would wear sunglasses indoors." - Barman Geoff

Co-Headlining with Gostwyck on the Melbourne leg of their Riverstone Tour are local newcomers Bollard. Expect fuzzy guitars and driving rhythms influenced by bands like Dinosaur Jr., The Drones & Gang of Four, and lyrics that vascillate between philosophical musing and modern Australian storytelling.

7:00 pm19:00

Amnesty International 'Gayby Baby'

Come along to Amnesty Northcote’s FREE screening of Gayby Baby!

This screening will feature a talk from a leader within the LGBT community. We hope to raise awareness and promote discussion about the LGBT rights movement.

About the film:

Gayby Baby is a documentary about kids raised by same-sex couples. These numbers are growing worldwide – who are these kids? What do they think about having same-sex parents? Do they face different issues to other kids?

This documentary is told from the perspective of the kids, providing an intimate and human account of four children and their families.


8:00 pm20:00


Music from their recent release "This Canvas", as well as some new pieces and some old favorites.

Isaac Gunnoo - bass
Selene Messinis - piano
Maddison Carter - drums

Music from 8:30pm
Donation Entry


8:00 pm20:00

Boadz plays Robert Johnson

Robert Johnson was able to heavily influence the shape of popular music throughout the 20th century, despite being virtually unknown until several decades after his death and only recording a total of 29 different songs.

Come along and hear his entire recorded works performed live by one of Melbourne's most exciting guitar players - BOADZ.

7:00 pm19:00


A free night of cabaret, music, poetry, performance art, film, comedy and more! Tonight's theme: Angels, Devils and other mythical creatures. Prizes for the best dressed mythical creature!

Tonight's supernatural feast includes:

*our favourite little devil, Tim Train

*the astonishing shapeshifter Brendan Bonsack

*seraphic songs and demonic ditties from...
The Citizens Band (Sjaak de Jong, Graham Twist, Bernadette Brogan, Anna Fern)

and more!

Entry is FREE to all who come colourfully attired, $5 for anyone wearing black.

7:30 pm19:30

Totally Gourdgeous

Don't miss this rare Melbourne appearance of Totally Gourdgeous.

Thursday May 18, 7:30pm.

They'll be trying out a bunch of exciting new material from their album-in-the-making, "Gourd in the Act".

Formed in 1998, Australian band Totally Gourdgeous is four singer/songwriter/musicians united under gourd. Indeed, playing instruments made from woody cucurbits, they make a manic, organic, folk/funk philosophy to feed your wildest pumpkin longings. Penelope Swales (guitar), Carl Pannuzzo (drums), Mal Webb (bass/mbira) and Andrew Clermont (violin/mandolin/guitar). Songs by themselves and a few dear friends. Imagine Joni Mitchell and James Brown getting down in Bob Marley's pumpkin patch via the Muppets. Infectious eclectic beauty in the gourdiest of costumes. All the instruments are made by Penelope under the guidance of world renowned luthier, Jack Spira.


8:00 pm20:00

The Gallant Trees + Birthday Girl


The Gallant Trees will be releasing their much awaited first digital single off their new album Open Book Syndrome 'Too Many Snakes' at 303 in Northcote. Supported by Birthday Girl (featuring Prairie Nischler). This will be entry by Gold Coin, extra if you would like a download to the single.