303 Gig Guide
Apr 21

303 Gig Guide

Wednesday 29th March – ‘jazz’

Julien Wilson ‘B for Chicken’ Quartet




Thursday 30th March – ‘blues, soul, funk’

Kickin the B at 303’
Thursday Hammond Sessions:

Justin Yap Band

8pm doors, $10



Friday 31st March – ‘breakcore, drum & bass’

Subversive Breaks Launch Party feat: Unsoundbwoy, Mandrax, Binliner, Doc Ross, Maladroit, Zero1, Earnest Raw, Shadow Play
7pm, $5



Saturday 1st April – ‘album launch, fundraiser’

The Same Boat + A Rioting Mind + Ballistix
8pm, $10



Sunday 2nd April – ‘songwriters & jazz, blues’

Darebin Songwriters Guild

3:30pm, donation



Mal Webb & Kyle Morrigan

7:30pm, donation



Monday 3rd April – ‘funk, soul, jazz’

303 Yarra Banks Jam Night

8pm, free



Tuesday 4th April – ‘melbourne ukelele kollective‘

Klub MUK

7:30pm, free



Wednesday 5th April – ‘jazz’

Bohjass + Lo-Res

8pm, donation



Thursday 6th April – ‘soul, funk’

Kickin the B at 303’
Thursday Hammond Sessions:

Artie Styles Quartet

8pm doors, $10



Friday 7th April – ‘hammond, rock’

Roman Tucker (Rocket Science) + Checkout + Matty Whittle
8pm, free



Saturday 8th April – ‘single launch’

Little Daniel + Pilgrim + Green Hollows
7:30pm, $5



Sunday 9th April – ‘soul’




Monday 10th April – ‘single launch’

Zoe Fox and the Rocket Clocks




Tuesday 11th April – ‘film‘

Cinecult303: ‘’

7:30pm, donation

8:00 pm20:00

Justin Yap Band - Hammond night

With their first album 'Long Way From Home' debuting at No. 3 on the Australian Blues Charts, the Justin Yap Band plays a potent blend of Deep Blues, Sanctified Soul, and Down-Home Funk. Led by guitarist Justin Yap, the band delivers electrifying and dynamic performances, bringing out their chemistry and energy in full force at every show.

Justin Yap - Guitar
Nardia Brancatisano - Vocals
Ollie Rolfe - Keys
Ben Wicks - Bass Guitar
Cameron Smith - Drums


7:00 pm19:00

Subversive Breaks Launch Party

compilation cd launch over 2 rooms. Breakcore down the back, drum and bass down the front.


Mandrax, Doc Ross, Zero1, Shadow Play


Unsoundbwoy, Binliner, Maladroit, Earnest Raw, Hymen Huntress

The compilation is called "the Dungeon of Subversive Breaks" with a staggering 21 all-Australian breakcore tracks.

$5 entry and early birds get a free cd

more tba so stay tuned.

Superb across several genres, mixing gabba and jungle in remarkable party sets.

Razor sharp breaks with a serving of the profane and absurd.

Veteran oldschool satirical mayhem.

Earnest Raw:
Known for relentless upbeat dancefloor obliteration.

Doc Ross
Local beats maniac.

Renowned promoter/ performer/ trainwreck.

London born, Melbourne based, stylish as fuck, D&B selector.

Shadow Play
Tech style D&B deck fiddler/ wax shuffler.

Darebin Songwriters Guild
3:30 pm15:30

Darebin Songwriters Guild

Yes!  The Guild is here at last!  The days of kicking back and playing the guitar ( or ukulele, piano accordion, mouth organ or whatever else tickles your fancy ) on the beach are still upon us but you can take time out of your endless Summer to come hear the latest offerings of our local talent.

Appearing at the Guild for the first Session of the year will be:
Eddie Ink

Derek Atkinson

Reid Stevens

Cameron Twomey

John Wignell

Phil Hudson

Greg Leon

Bob Hutchison

Mats Bjorklund

Bernard de la Coeur

Hosted as always by Fiona Claire and Dean Lombard, with all the hospitality of Bar 303,  we welcome everyone to the DSG for music and friendship.

Bring your tribe and we'll see you there!



For more information about the Guild, see our website or Facebook page

Members of the Guild take turns playing three-song sets of their original material. Sessions happen monthly on Sunday afternoons at 303, from 3:30 to 6:30 pm. Email sessions@darebinsongwritersguild.org to book a spot.


7:00 pm19:00

Mal Webb & Kylie Morrigan

7pm, free entry/paid exit (donation)

Mal Webb and Kylie Morrigan

Vocal adventurer, multi-instrumentalist and looping beatboxing songwriter Mal sings his brain provoking songs using all sorts of vocal techniques, guitar, mbira, slide trumpet, trombone, chromatic harmonica and a loop recording pedal called Derek. And Kylie (who's played with Orchestra Victoria and the likes of Stevie Wonder and Barry White!) provides violin and voice in a perfect balance to Mal's nutsness. Their arrangements are intricate and playful. Imagine Einstein, Dr Seuss and Paganini making pancakes.

Around the world and into your brain, vocal adventurer, multi-instrumentalist and looping beatboxing songwriter Mal Webb sings his songs about all manner of stuff. He's like Bobby McFerrin, Aphex Twin and Cole Porter playing scrabble. Ebulliently eclectic. Nefariously varied. Family fun free from facile frippery. "You're a freak!"-Ani DiFranco


Yarra Banks 303 Jam
8:00 pm20:00

Yarra Banks 303 Jam

The Yarra Banks Jam is back on for the first and third Monday of every month, featuring the inimitable face melter Raleigh Williams on vocals, plus our totally pimped out house band of salty Melbourne sea dogs [not actually salty, or sea dogs...a little bit salty maybe]. Bring your horn, guitar, sticks or whatever else you can make noise with down to Bar 303 on the 1st and 3rd Monday of the month, and scratch that soul, blues, jazz and funk itch you know you have, before it turns into a rash.

Jamming starts 8:15pm.

free entry


Klub M.U.K
7:00 pm19:00

Klub M.U.K

Let There Be Uke!

Klub MUK is an Open Uke Stage the first Tuesday of each month at 303. All ukers welcome to get up and do their thang. Come early if you want to get your name on the list!

7:00pm, Free.

The Melbourne Ukulele Kollective, M.U.K., is an open-armed gaggle of ukers of all ages and persuasions, each equipped with only four strings and the truth! With small egos and big dreams, they're on a crusade to bring the greatest glory to the humblest of instruments and put music back into the hands and hearts of the people.



The first ukulele group in Australia, the Melbourne Ukulele Kollective is still boldly going where no ukuleles have gone before. The “muk” is open to all who wish to join her, regardless of experience, and they delight in crossing borders, smashing boundaries and raising the humble ukulele to new heights! They perform in Art and Music Festivals, pubs, race courses, parks, theatres, schools and on the streets. In 2004 they proclaimed that the Ukulele Revolution had arrived. They now proclaim its glorious victory!


Bohjass + Lo-Res
8:00 pm20:00

Bohjass + Lo-Res

Bohjass + Lo-Res

8pm, donation entry


bohjass are...

ali watts electric bass
belinda woods flutes
micka power gtr
oscar francais pino noir
luigi cuban missile portararo on oh oh conga (who remembers "the banana splits"?)
harry renaldo on persuasive percusso rain
daniela bratwurst the third on battery inspired dream

chewy lewis in chicken tray, assorted globules of thought and misrceant

and lastly, mostly leastly but never leslie

the ingratiable uncle e on woodwind macabre

Bohjass is Tim Pledger's longest running band. Bohjass began in 1986 as a trio called Bohemian Jazz. Over the years Bohjass has played in many locations including a long standing residency at the Glengarry Castle Hotel in Redfern Sydney and many country NSW tours. After moving to Melbourne in early 1993 with his band Sufi Dervish, Tim reformed Bohjass after teaming up with musicians at NMIT in Collingwood in 1994. In 1995 Tim entered VCA under the direction of the legendary Brian Brown and met up with like minded improvisors including Belinda Woods, John O'Hagan, Will Guthrie, Cam Macallister, Will Poskitt and many others. In 1997 Bohjass won the VCA Atheneum Award as best Ensemble in the Improvisation stream. Bohjass has played in many venues over the years including the Sydney Opera House and  Bennetts Lane Jazz Club and has appeared at many festivals including Folk Rhythm and Life, quite a few Fringe festivals, Jazz Fringe festivals, The Quiet Music Festival, many High Vibes Festivals on High St Northcote and most recently at the Falls Festival at Lorne.


8:00 pm20:00

Hammond night: The Artie styles Quartet

The Thursday Hammond Sessions - Kickin The B at 303 are presented on the first and last Thursdays of each month The Leslie will be spinning and the tone wheels in the mighty vintage B3 style Hammond Organ will be grinding .

The Artie styles Quartet: Serving up a tasting platter of jazz, soul, funk and RnB with a side of fiery improvisation.

8pm doors, $10


8:00 pm20:00

Roman Tucker (Rocket Science)

 The night will feature previously unheard material and songs from the Rocket Science repertoire, featuring VOC by Ema Dunstan, Guitars by Mickey Zocchi and Drums by Jimmy Carter.

Roman will showcase previously unheard material as well as a selection of tunes that he has become known for through his main songwriting vehicle, Rocket Science. On this special occasion, Roman will play a Hammond C3 through a Leslie speaker.

Support by...

Roman Tucker 8:30pm.


7:30 pm19:30

an evening of sensory wonderment

Following on from four exploratory releases in the early months of 2017; ezekielthomas now prepares to launch his solo project into the cosmos just in time for the Easter Weekend. In the veins of William Basinski, SONOIO and Assembler/Responder; ezekielthomas will bring his subtle, deliberate sounds to life on the stage of Bar 303.

With the help of long standing Melbourne sonic exploiters Gearóid Brinn, Daffodil 11 Day Interval and Shane Van Den Akker; the night is set to showcase the broad sonic palette each artist brings in a collaborative sensory experience that will make the night an absolutely umissable event!

7:30 pm19:30

Peanut Noir Comedy

Peanut Noir welcomes you to Northcote’s legendary Bar 303 for the very first ALT-COM-CHUCKLE-BOMB of the year...

Grab a drink, take a seat and enjoy some of Melbourne’s most restless comedic talent bringing you their weirdest and most wonderful work!


Your host for the evening is Alex Chilton

This month’s stellar cast includes:

Natalie Harris
Sharnema Nougar
David Tieck
Rob Caruana
Rose Bishop
Winston Macadamia-Smith
and MORE!

Ben Carr Trio + Tripataka
8:00 pm20:00

Ben Carr Trio + Tripataka


Ben Carr - Saxophone

Tom Lee - Contra Bass

Phil Collings - Drums

+ Tripataka featuring Adrian Sherriff, Jonathan Dimond, Adam King

The Ben Carr Trio are a modern jazz outfit, exploring a diverse musical world through composition and improvisation. The instrumentation of Tenor Saxophone, Contra Bass and Drum Kit, combine to create flowing lyrical balladry, hard swinging traditional jazz arrangements, the indomitable multi layered polyrhythm brew, and the unexplained.



7:00 pm19:00


CITIZENS CIRCUS : Colours Of The Rainbow

Come join the circus
Bring a touch of your inner clown, select your most colourfull outfit, and join us, admission is free unless you wear black

Get some post-modern retro-sixties music, add generous amounts of colour, carefully selected shades of poetry, flavour cautiously with dashes of DADA, a flourish of Fluxus and ...
you will get a heady (but nevertheless accessible)
cabaret of the absurd called
“Citizens Circus”

Caution this mix may be too colourfull for average tastes wear sunglasses
Featuring :
Poetry by : Kylie Supski, Benjamin Solah, Anna Fern and jeltje

Music by : George O'Hara
and Citizens Band (Graham Twist, Bernadette Brogan,
Anna Fern and Sjaak de Jong)

Visuals by : Lynn Healy


An evening of art cabaret with music, poetry, performance art, film, comedy and more! Tonight's theme will be all colours of the rainbow - come along in your loudest multicoloured outfit!

Entry is FREE to all who come colourfully attired, $5 for anyone wearing black.

9:00 pm21:00

West African Drum & Dance Party

Our colourful show will portray West African culture through rhythms, songs, and movement incorporating African dance and drumming at its best with Aboriginal didgeridoo. Come and see our high energy blend of West African and Aboriginal culture . An original performance, not seen anywhere else.

The evening will include:

Mic Neda

Azonto Mix (DJ Marrs and DJ Vyruz

Shabba/Dancer (Ghana

Kofi Kunkpe/Drummer (Ghana

Julius Bright Sackey/Dancer (Ghana

Nii Kpakpo Addo/Dancer (Ghana

Mohamed Camra ( Guinea

Doors Open at 8:00PM

Entry fee $20


8:00 pm20:00

Buttered Loaf

Sam Cope - Hammond C3
Selwyn Cozens - Drums
Gideon Cozens - Guitar
Joe Greenway - Sax
Yuri Pavlinov - Bass

Buttered Loaf are Melbourne's rough 'n' ready gurus of gritty funk and reggae-laden roots, rock and soul music. Moonlighting as half of the legendary supergroup FRANKENSTEIN, they are Melbourne's most prolifically unproductive band and are proud of it!

8pm, $10

Wendy Rule
8:00 pm20:00

Wendy Rule

WENDY RULE - Melbourne Concert

Tickets $20 / $15 at the door
Doors Open 8pm, show starts 8.30

Tickets are $20 or $15 for low income, and are available at the door on the night. Doors will open 8pm, and show starts at 8.30, but feel free to come early for pre show drink in the front bar. Allow plenty of time to find a car park on this busy street, or better yet, catch the 86 tram that stops right outside.


Wild, passionate and empowering, Australian Visionary Songstress Wendy Rule, weaves together music, story and ritual to take her audience on an otherworldly journey of depth and passion. Drawing on her deep love of Nature and lifelong fascination with the worlds of mythology and Magic, Wendy’s songs combine irresistible melodies with rich aural textures and a rare personal honesty to create spiritual music.

Dark, sensual, sonic theatre…compelling stuff.
Rolling Stone Australia

4:00 pm16:00

Great Aunt + Gareth Leach

Join us for a Sunday evening of souful alt folk & country

Great Aunt is a folk/Americana duo that plays music from an older world – at times elegiac, at others, joyous. Featuring the talents of Megan Bird (guitar, banjolin, vocals) and Chelsea Allen (double bass, percussion, vocals), Great Aunt will - in the best traditions of roots, blues, gospel, and folk music - make you wanna stomp, clap, and shout to the sky.

Gareth Leach has burst onto the Australian Country scene with his debut EP. It’s modern country at its finest. Don’t be late on this one… Get around him! John Nutting – Australian Country Radio. 2016 saw Gareth turning his focus to recording his debut country rock record. With a DIY attitude and never wavering drive to succeed ­ the results speak for themselves. Written, recorded and performed by Gareth, his forthcoming debut EP “Settle Like Stones”; is the real deal. This is what modern country rock is all about. 

Gareth Leach @ 4pm
Great Aunt @ 5pm
$5 Entry


8:00 pm20:00

Bohjass (Album Launch) + Junki

Bohjass release the brand new album 'Thousand Footsteps' at bar 303 on high st northcote on 25th march 2017.
Support from young up and coming band 'junki'.

Donation entry. Cd's available at the door for $20.

'Thousand Footsteps' is expansive and broad, whereas 'Invisible Desert', recorded on the same day was more personal and intimate. 'Thousand Footsteps' is an allegory of change in a world of complacent discontent; a world where the future is unseen, unknown and extremely fragile.
The band once again shine in an atmosphere of musical alliance that portrays a beautiful yet simple comittment to wholistic music making.

Timothy Mark Pledger - Saxophones and Guitar
Alastair Watts - Bass Mick Power - Guitar,
Belinda Woods - Flutes Oscar France - Keyboard
Chris Lewis - Percussion Luigi Portararo - Percussion
Daniel Brates - Drums Harry Shaw Reynolds - Drums

Bohjass explore an aural terrain that celebrates European cinematic landscapes whilst traversing a cascading free jazz spirit.

Tim Pledger ~ sax
Belinda Woods ~ flute
Mick Power ~ guitar
Oscar France ~ keyboard/synth
Ali Watts ~ Bass
Daniel Brates ~ Drum kit
Harry Shaw-Reynolds ~ Drum kit
Chris Lewis ~ Percussion
Luigi Portararo ~ Percussion


7:30 pm19:30

The Monotremes + Great Rack


The Monotremes -

  • Zappa-esque multigenre. Progressive jazzpunk. Industrial cartoon

  • Adam Cook - Keys/vox
    Curtis Reardon - Guitar
    Josh Kelly - Saxes / clarinet
    George Worthy - Electric clarinet / bassoon
    Josh Holt / Jordan Tarento - bass
    Jonathan Griffiths - Drums/perc/samples

  • www.facebook.com/TheMonotremes

Great rack and an empty club reverb join The Monotremes for their first show of 2017.

The Monotremes are getting geared up for their feature shows taking place at The Town 2017, and in the interest of safety, want to run a couple of things by you all.

It is, we suspect, going to be good. The Monotremes have a bunch of old things you like and new things, Great rack are really rather fascinating, there will be beers.

Great rack and an empty club reverb

Great rack and an empty club reverb meet at the intersection of live acoustic instruments within the contained space of sound processing. Emily Bennett augments the banal, meaningful and meaningless voice beyond its social construct, unveiling a parallel world on her Korg signal processing rack. Joining her are enigmatic Maria Moles on drums and percussion and Adam Halliwell on guitar and synths, who together, negotiate a chaotic binary lens.

The Monotremes

Attempted descriptions of the The Monotremes' sound include 'jazzpunk' and 'industrial cartoon'. Influenced in equal parts by J.S. Bach, Maurice Ravel, Thelonious Monk, Frank Zappa, Beck, and the gorillaz, the musical style of the band is just like a monotreme - bizarre in appearance, yet strangely functional.

With a line-up of weird people - Adam Cook on keyboards/vocals, Ed Farrar on trumpet, George Worthy on electric clarinet/bassoon, Spencer Nelson on trombone, Curtis Reardon and Paul Burke on guitars, Josh Holt on bass and Jonathan Griffiths on drums/percussion/samples - The Monotremes cover everything from baroque polyphony to drum and bass, psychedelic soundscape to Disney reggae, smooth jazz to funk, all in the same song. It's different.

See you there,
Great rack and The Monotremes

7:30 pm19:30

AZTX + + Sunnyside + KODA

Melbourne 3-piece AZTX is back and playing their first show in a year at Bar 303 in Northcote, Melbourne.

Joined by newly formed band 'Palo Alto' and soulstress Monique Araujo, AZTX is sure to get you on your feet! Come down and support the return of fun.

$5 on the door will get you a night of joy


8:30 pm20:30

Julien Wilson 'B for Chicken' Quartet


For the last two decades Julien has been an exciting and integral member of the Australian Jazz Scene. His tenor saxophone style can cover an incredibly broad stylistic and emotional range and is featured on over 60 CD's. He has received a number of prestigious awards, both personally, and as an integral member of a variety of critically acclaimed co-operative bands. In 2013 he formed Lionsharecords to release and distribute his own recordings. His work with the label was recognised by the 2015 APRA Art Music Award for EXCELLENCE IN JAZZ.




7:00 pm19:00

Terrasur + Liana Pearl & Perolas

TERRASUR, Latin folk/ World music Melbourne based band, born in 2014.

The band is composed by:

Karina Lehman (voice, guitar)
Vanessa Estrada (voice, percussion and charango)
Michelle Bestrin (guitar, bass, flute and Andean winds)
Julian Guzman (Percussion)
Michael O'Connor (Flute)

The band aims to share the Latin American music, culture and tradition, exploring rhythms and textures from the South American continent.

During the past and current year Terrasur has played in different festivals, events and venues around Victoria, such as as The Multicultural Express, The International Street Food Festival, Melbourne Summer Latin festival, Chliean Latin American September Festival, among many others.
Terrasur released their first Single "La misma piel" on September 2016 at The B.East, from their debut self titled EP released in October 2016.

The EP includes 4 original songs and 1 cover from Victor Jara.

Terrasur includes traditional instruments from the Indigenous cultures of the Andes Region such as: Charango, Qena, Zampoña (commonly known as Pan flute) and Bombo Legüero as well as universal instruments like the nylon stringed Guitar, Bass, Bongoes, Cajon, all these blended with rich and elaborated Vocal harmonies by two lead female singers.
Terrasur takes you to a journey through South America, a suite of songs that capture a full repertoire of pleasant rhythms, melodies and emotions that talk about the happiness of simple things such as singing and travelling, the nostalgic feeling of missing the land you come from, also about respect and how we can all live in harmony in a multicultural society.



Pérolas is an eclectic trio comprising a rare combination of instruments by:

Liana Pearl (Harp & Vocals)
Jag Singh (Indian Tabla & Trumpet)
Fabian Aravales (Acoustic guitar & Electronics soundscapes)

Pérolas, meaning Pearls in Portuguese, are rare gemstones occurring spontaneously in the wild. Their music seeks to enliven a consciousness of beauty within the listener, seeking to empower a connection between the audience and the beauty within the natural environment.
Each of the Pérolas bring a strong sense of their cultural heritage to their music; infusing Indian, European Latin American rhythms, melodies and scales, whilst maintaining a truly Australia identity.

Their music encourages participation from the audience, allowing for listeners to develop their sense of community and conscious connection.


7pm, $10

8:00 pm20:00

Spiral Dance + KC Guy

Join us for a night of myth, music and magic, proudly hosted by the Pagan Collective of Victoria.

Icons of Australian Pagan music, Spiral Dance and KC Guy will be playing their only Melbourne show on the 18th of March. Be sure to get in quick - tickets are selling fast.

Tickets: $25 Full and $20 consession - please click on the ticket link to purchase.




8:00 pm20:00

Eaglemont + Special guests

After spending 2016 graduating from university and playing acoustic shows around melbourne, captivating singer-songwriter Eaglemont will launch her debut EP "All I Think About Is Everything" in an exclusive show at Bar 303.

Produced, engineered and mixed by David Carr at Rangemaster Studio, "All I Think About Is Everything" is a record delving in to the relatable experiences of Eaglemont, as well as the exhilaration and heartbreak that accompanies being alive.

For the first time, Eaglemont will accompanied by her band to perform songs from "All I Think About Is Everything," with special guests, up and coming Melbourne singer-songwriter Angie McMahon and haunting indie/soul vocalist Rya Park

Expected to be a memorable and unmissable evening, "All I Think About Is Everything" is out March 1st.

$10 online
$12 at the door


8:30 pm20:30


New Band! First Gig!

Pls join us as for a fun night of Blues, Jazz and Fngn at Bar 303.

James Bowers (Hammond Organ)
Louis King (Guitar + Vocals (?))
Arron Light (Drrrrummss)

Doors at 8ish, 5 bucks entry!

7:00 pm19:00

Nick Cunningham

With an album due to be released and a huge 2017 ahead Nick Cunningham returns to Melbourne to give you a glimpse of what's to come as well as perfroming songs from his debut EP "Letters". Opening the night will be Fraser Telfer who is also set to release music in 2017.

Nick is a South Australian singer/songwriter based in the musical mecca of Byron Bay in northern NSW. Over the past two years has performed twice at Splendour in the grass as well as winning the Byron bay raw artist “Musician Of The Year” for his performances throughout 2014. He writes of heartfelt stories and captivates listeners with his hypnotic melodies and soothing vocals.

Fraser Telfer is a singer songwriter from Geelong Victoria.

$25 Tix:


7:30 pm19:30

Georgia Rose + Jimmy Davis + Didirri

Georgia is proud to be releasing her debut single as a solo artist, 'This Dance' with a three-date tour down the East Coast of Australia. Travelling with her guitarist and recording engineer, Luke Woollett, the pair will be performing in intimate settings supported by a variety of esteemed soul/folk acts.

'This Dance' is a story of the unrequited love between outer space and the pale blue dot - a concept of balance between masculinity and femininity.

“An angel in the form of a jazz folk pixie.” - Corey Callahan, Founder & Director of Whiskey Hipster

DOORS: 7:30 PM
ENTRY: $10

8PM - Didirri
8:45 - Jimmy Davis
9:30 - Georgia Rose

Georgia Rose is an expressive songstress of passion and heart. She blends her striking vocal range with peaceful guitar melodies, weaving charm and vulnerability into her lyricism and story telling.

The soulful balladeer began her musical journey in Liverpool, England where she listened to the sound of her father's piano playing in utero and the melodic musings of Enya and Ray Charles whilst entering the world. Now residing in Brisbane, Australia, Georgia draws her songwriting inspiration from the likes of Jeff Buckley, Lianne La Havas, Billie Holiday and Leonard Cohen as she steps into the Brisbane soul/folk music scene with spirit and tenacity.


With gentle disposition and threadbare six-string, Didirri’s bittersweet melodies tumble between the bookends of his own biography. Spinning tales of joy and sorrow, his presence consumes listeners into the belly of contemplation, and washes the room with silence.

Jimmy Davis Official
With an astounding vocal range and irresistable charm, Jimmy was an instant success on a recent season of the television show 'X Factor'. Mentored by Chris Isaak, Jimmy broke the mould of conformity during his time on the programme, maintaing his quirky personality and integrity due to his commitment to soulful and honest music. Jimmy now tours the East Coast of Australia performing at numerous showcases, festivals and creative gatherings with his beautiful partner and guitarist, Sharni Armitage. With an open heart, Jimmy connects to those from all walks of life through his powerful story telling and emotive performances.

7:30 pm19:30

All Dem Chicka's

Sunday March the 5th we will be having a dope little femmes night at 303, Doors will open at 7.30 music starts at 8. Donation entry

Line up:

Danika Smith

Rat Child
can be described as "Rattlebrained quasi jazz blues and part personal part political storytelling from a Preston swamp rat (Rattus lutreolus filiola)"

Tom Girl

8:00 pm20:00

The Good Minus + Joel Checkley

The Good Minus blend many different experiences to create exciting, intricate arrangements, featuring three part harmonies and obscure time signatures. There are elements of pop, psychedelic folk, even funk - all complemented by the full sound of three distinct voices.

Band of three 30-somethings release their single on the 3rd day of the 3rd month of their 3rd year of existence with their 3rd ever show at 3 0 3.

$3 entry*

* entry by donation of your choosing.

With support from Joel Checkley (ex Detective Social). In the homely surrounds of the 303 front bar.


8pm, donation entry

7:30 pm19:30

The Mamas + Freak & the Fat Cats + Nitida

The Mamas are BACK and READY for action!
Don't miss this explosive show from one of Melbourne's most unusual and sensual bands.

Bring your sneans, your crocs, set up the kids at home in front of the iPad and get ready to kick back with a cab sav and let your hair down. Fall into the warm and busty embrace of The Mamas and let your cares melt away.

Mama's got you.

$10 entry, doors at 7:30.

Special guests: Nitida + Freak & the Fat Cats!

8:00 pm20:00

Cheshire Grimm (NZ) + Scoundrels + Bronze + Them Rumblin Bones + Skinny Hobos

NZ alt-rockers Cheshire Grimm are celebrating the release of their second E.P 'Rain or Shine' with their first round of Australian tour dates since 2013 which we are excited to be sharing with our good friends Skinny Hobos.

Skinny Hobos are an energetic 2 piece making their first venture to Australia, fresh off the back of a hectic New Zealand tour with international legends Devilskin & Halestorm with a sound so big it will blow your head off.

Scoundrels are a heavy Punk Rock 4 piece from Melbourne Australia.
They released their first two tracks 'Fixation' in 2015, and 'Bitter Mistress' in 2016.

Opening the night is Bronze, the new offering from Melbourne shredder & vocalist Jess Harris ( Bad Uncle ), and a group of prolific Melbourne musicians who have nothing to prove to the locals. Their unique blend of Melancholy Prog rock kicks off the night in style.


Doors 8pm

7:30 pm19:30

Late Nights + Spider Spidey + Social Skills + Bear Kick + Dan Raw

In anticipation of In A Row Promotions' Spot Fest III! Melbourne Pop-Punkers Late Nights are throwing a pre party at 303 on friday 24th of feb!

Bring your party hats come party all night until the party starts at the brunny the next day

Performing on the night:
Late Nights
Spidey Spidey
Social Skills
Bear Kick
Dan Raw (Secondhand Squad)

Door at 8pm $5

Dan raw: 7:30 - 8:00pm
Bear Kick: 8:20 - 8:50pm
Social skills: 9:10 - 9:40
Spider Spidey: 10:00 - 10:45
Late Nights 11:00 - 11: 45

7:00 pm19:00

SHOL + Bohjass

Bohjass @ 7:00pm

SHOL @ 8:30pm

Christopher Skepper-trumpet
Chris Pappas-tenor sax
Nashua Lee-guitar
John O'Hagan-dbass
Chris Lewis-drums




SHOL’s music has its roots in the band’s love of hard bop and free jazz, paying homage to the masters - Miles Davis, Coltrane, Shorter, Blakey, Cecil Taylor, Mingus, Monk; the list goes on. Yet this uniquely Australian sound lives completely in the present day, imbued with a sense of energetic urgency that unreservedly demands attention.

7:00 pm19:00

The Hip Streets

We've got an exciting gig next Friday night as we go back to the first show since celebrating our genesis! You can get some more details via the facebook event or just look at the poster! We'll be joined by some very talented young musicians including vocalist Abbey rose and keys player Kade Brown! We hope to see you there to enjoy the experience with us!!

$5 students/$10 workers

7:30 - The Hip Streets Early Set
8pm The PO Boys
9pm The Miles Henry Trio
10pm The Hip Streets feat. Abbey Rose


8:30 pm20:30

Boadz plays Robert Johnson

Robert Johnson was able to heavily influence the shape of popular music throughout the 20th century, despite being virtually unknown until several decades after his death and only recording a total of 29 different songs.

Come along and hear his entire recorded works performed live by one of Melbourne's most exciting guitar players - BOADZ.

7:30 pm19:30

Beautiful Beasts + Dr Sinha’s Jazz Lobotomy + The Po Boys

Hot grooves, juicy hooks and heavy soul.

The night will kick off with Dr Sinha's Jazz Lobotomy. Melding down-tempo pop with heady jazz influences, their beats are infectious and their melodies are meticulous. This will be their first gig after releasing their debut single "Grown Man" (available from 3/2/17). So get ready for something special.

Next up will be The Po Boys. This is the rhythm section of local soul legends- Fulton Street. Get your stank faces on because they jam pretty hard. The grooves will be super hot, so make sure your moves on the dance floor are hotter.

Finishing off the night are the main event- Beautiful Beasts. A saccharine sweet Rnb/pop outfit with a dirty, soulful twist. The Beasts will make you want to dance, grind and party. And they're pretty frickin good at it.

This will be a banger of a sunday night. So come down and support live music.


7:30 pm19:30

Grim Fawkner + Alana Jagt + Tyreswans



Grim Fawkner is an itinerant minstrel, whose acoustic works range from upbeat folk/country, to soulful balladry, with elements of blues, pop & indie thrown in.

He is a self taught guitarist and vocalist, has been self-managed and performing for 4 years and has toured extensively across Australia & NZ.
He has mentored under Melbourne music stalwarts such as Charles
Jenkins (Icecream Hands), Rebec...ca Barnard, and Davy Lane (You Am I).

Grim, under his real name Tané Emia-Moore, has also been featured on Melbournes "BalconyTV", alongside artists such as Matt Corby, Neil Finn, & Eskimo Joe, and has performed support for Evermore in New Zealand. He has played with Australian icons Something For Kate, You Am I, Missy Higgins and many more at Queenscliff Music Festival 2012.

Grim Fawkner's music is fresh and unique enough to set it apart, yet with enough pop sensibility that it is accessible by all music appreciators.
It is his high intensity and passion for performing live though that keeps him in the minds of all who see him play.


With a powerfully captivating and distinctive voice, Alana Jagt is able to engage her audience with haunting vocal melody lines and heartfelt performance. She ...is a singer/songwriter who writes and performs pop-infused folk songs or, if you prefer; folk infused pop songs, with a generous pinch of alt-country twang thrown in for taste.
Alana spent the last few years performing as one half of Adelaide folk harmony group Buffalo Boyfriend before going out to perform solo in early 2016. She now performs on her own and with her six piece band 'Alana Jagt and Moses Jones', she is currently finalising her debut solo release



Tyreswans is a band that has largely remained imaginary since its initial imagining some time last century. Luke has been a member of many prominent Adelaide bands having played Big Day Out with his previous bands 'Central Deli Band' and 'The Wateslides' as well as having supported big names such as The Avalanches, Gerling and the Presets with those acts. In 2017 Luke is working on solo projects under the name 'Tyreswans' with a release scheduled for later in the year.


7:30pm, $10

The Shackmen - 'Kickin' The B' Hammond Night
8:00 pm20:00

The Shackmen - 'Kickin' The B' Hammond Night


The Shackmen

Shackmen featuring Ben Grayson - Hammond, Lance Ferguson - Gtr.

Introducing the Shackmen. A very rare coming together of old friends who happen to

make up one of the best rhythm sections in the country. The engine room of legendary

Melbourne funk gods The Bamboos for 10 years, they are now the mystical unicorn of

funk rhythm sections. A special gig not to be missed!

Ben Grayson (hammond), Lance Ferguson (gtr), Yuri Pavlinov (bass) & Daniel Farrugia (drums)


Doors at 8.00pm - Performance time: 9.00pm - 11.00pm

Entry - $10

The Leslie will be spinning and the tone wheels in the mighty vintage B3 style Hammond

Organ will be grinding to the music from Australia's finest Hammond Organ players

with their highly acclaimed rhythmn sections and surprise guest musicians.


303 Bar is ‘pulling out all the stops’ and has installed a big and beautiful vintage 60’s Hammond organ (B3 in a churchy cabinet) and mighty ‘Leslie’ rotary speaker in the front bar. Few, if any, venues are lucky enough to permanently host the incredible and unique sounds produced by this dynamic combination. We all know - there is no substitute for the real thing.