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303 Gig Guide

Sunday 23rd September– ‘rock’

Marina Mitchell + Quinton Trembath + Steph Mang + Frowny Dads

3pm, $5


The Great Emu War Casualties + Dead Eyed Seraphim + Oh North + ET Soul Sistar

8:30pm, $10


Monday 24th September – ‘impro, jazz, groove’

Czarektrio (Syd) + Impermanence

8pm, $5


Tuesday 25th September – ‘comedy‘

Smiling Politely Comedy

7:30pm, donation


Wednesday 26th September – ‘jazz’

Julien Wilson Quartet + Max Teakle Quartet + R.T OrganiX

7:30pm, donation


Thursday 27th September – ‘funk, soul jazz’

Kickin the B at 303’
Thursday Hammond Sessions:

Artie Styles Quartet

8pm doors, $10

Friday 28th September – ‘rock, ep launch’

Strangers For Sale + Reel Tapes + House Of Wood

7pm doors, $5

Saturday 29th September – ‘science & electronica’

Notey and Noisy: A Sound Science Mathemusical

3:03pm, free


Homebase: Hooves + Sub.Conscious + Lady Banton + Griff

8pm, $10

Sunday 30th September – ‘humanitarian society’

Sunday Sesh for Gaza

1pm, $12/ donations


Raph.a.L + Inaminka + Crooked Fingers

6:30pm, $10

Monday 1st October – funk, soul, jazz’

303 Yarra Banks Jam Night

8pm, free

Tuesday 2nd October – ‘melbourne ukelele kollective‘

Klub MUK

7:30pm, free

Wednesday 3rd October – ‘jazz, groove’

Bohjass + guests

7:30pm, donation

Thursday 4th October – ‘soul jazz’

Kickin the B at 303’

Thursday Hammond Sessions:

Jake Mason Trio

8pm doors, $10

Friday 5th October – ‘ep launch’

Sansonus + DM Teasers + Alphington

8pm, $10

Saturday 6th October – ‘indie rock, groove’

Man City Sirens + The Limerants + Sapphire Street

8pm, $5

Sunday 7th October – ‘songwriters’

Darebin Songwriters Guild

3:30pm, donation

Monday 8th October – ‘jazz’

Janelle Stowe Trio + guests

7:30pm, $5

Tuesday 9th October – ‘films‘

A Very Cinecult303 Halloween

7pm, donation

Wednesday 10th October – ‘jazz, groove’

Julien Wilson Quartet + Theo Carbo/Ash Griffin + Max Teakle Trio

7:30pm, donation

Thursday 11th October – ‘blues, groove’

The Montgomery Brothers & Ollie McGill

9pm, $10

Friday 12th October – ‘pop, rock, disco’

Apollo Blue + Erika Fedele + guests

7:30pm, $10

Saturday 13th October – ‘rock’

The Beggars Way + guests