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Smiling Politely comedy

What are you doing next Tuesday? If you're not popping round to my mums to wish her a happy birthday you better be getting down to Bar 303 with your skates on your bike on top of a rhino

Cause we've got Dave O'Neill from Spicks and specks (mums favourite) and a bunch of other stuff he's done on the tv. (30 minute set)

We got Jess Perkins who is that voice on triple j telling you if you're a shit person or not and you're like hey jess im late for work i really dont need this right now but she's kind of right and you're hoping that your partner is too interested in their phone to notice similarities of this shit bloke jess is ragging on and you. (15 minute set)

We've got Rohan Ganju who you've probably seen at the IGA across the road (6-4 set)

Zack Dyer will be mastering your chromosomes or was that your parents or does he just look like a combination of both?

10 bucks!

Open mic after

Invite your mates cause it's 10 bucks and they're not that cheap

Smiling Politely is a monthly comedy room at 303. It's a mixture of experienced comics and opec mic.