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Smiling Politely - comedy

*Don't Stop Me Now by Queen plays, but with Freddy on vocals and obviously not Adam Lambert*

These bunch of rag-tag scalliwags are at it again and bringing a bevy of sick acts with us!

GREELEY has been a main-stay of the Australian underground hip-hop scene for years now. He made a name in many high-profile rap battles facing off with the likes of 360, Kerser and Manaz Ill, and as a performer supporting acts international acts such as Xzibit, Ghostface Killa and GZA. He's now taken the dive in to stand-up comedy and is making a BIG splash in Tassie, and ready to take on the rest of Australia!

James G Warren
Maedi Prichard
Brent Watkinson
Urvi Majumdar
Emesha Rudolf


Aaaaaand as always, sign up for open mic from 7:30pm!

Smiling Politely is a monthly comedy room at 303. It's a mixture of experienced comics and opec mic.