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Melbourne Ukulele Festival – Pimp My MUF


Melbourne Ukulele Festival – Pimp My MUF: Artist-painted and Decorated Ukulele Exhibition

Friday 28 October @ 6pm


The acclaimed Pimp My M.U.F., Melbourne Ukulele Festival's exhibition of custom painted and decorated ukuleles, is back! Artists from all over Australia show in every conceivable way, what they can do with a ukulele without even strumming the strings! Entries will be exhibited at Bar 303 for your amazement.

The limited size of the ‘canvas’ seems to inspire unlimited possibilities. Artists have used paint, découpage, sculpture, collage, engraving, mechanisation, anthropomorphism, biomorphism and so much more to transform this humble instrument into amazing works of art.

It’s a one of a kind exhibition not-to-be-missed!

Swing by on opening night to vote for your favourite Uke-Of-Art in the People’s Choice Award.

Opening night is Friday 28th October 2016 6:00 – 8:30pm at 303

The exhibition runs from Friday 28th October to Friday 25th November 2016.