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Charity music gig for ONE GIRL AUSTRALIA

Charity music gig for ONE GIRL AUSTRALIA with a sprinkle of different artists from different genres. Line-up is all local Australian acts (Balcony Party, Natasha Pinto, Beat It Productions Australia, John Dyer, Rita &Peter). OneGirl is an outstanding organisation working in Sierra Leone and Uganda, some of the worst places to be born a girl. They have provided 326 full school scholarships, given 3011 girls the opportunity to develop business and entrepreneurship skills in Business Brains initiative, have educated 1882 girls and women on menstrual health and have rebuilt schools in the Magbafth Community and the Ronietta community. Their manifesto is "together we are changing the world, one girl at a time." Every $300 provides a full high school scholarship to a young girl, so the $10 tickets you are buying will go a long way in terms of changing someone's future. Go you!

Line-up is sick with all local Australian acts, so better get your $10 tickets online (link below) or $10 at door.

Tickets sales are on

1st act: Rita and Pete
2nd act: Balcony Party. Rap Band.
3rd act: Beat it Productions Australia
3rd act: NATASHA
4th act: John the DJ