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Darebin Songwriters Guild

The Summer Session

It's here at last. The silly season is over and the music season begins. Well, there might still be a bit of silliness, it is a creative performance space after all, but there will definitely be music. Come and hear what's been brewing during the BBQ's and parties, camping trips and games nights of the Melbourne summer. Come and hear the honest tales, the crazy dreams, the romantic poems and the angry drones of our local songwriters. Come and hear the music, come and feel the friendship, be a part of the Darebin Songwriters Guild

This session at the Guild you will hear:

Caz Nickson

Cam Twomey

Nathan Chapman

Patrick Evans

Edward Nass

Mats Bjorklund

Kira Janowsky

Zac Shapiro

Fiona Claire and the 4th Lineup

Phil Hudson

*Guests listed in no particular order, the running order is decided on the day

Darebin Songwriters Guild was established for songwriters in the City of Darebin [Melbourne] to meet, collaborate and perform. All are welcome to events.