Darebin Songwriters Guild

Yes!  The Guild is here at last!  The days of kicking back and playing the guitar ( or ukulele, piano accordion, mouth organ or whatever else tickles your fancy ) on the beach are still upon us but you can take time out of your endless Summer to come hear the latest offerings of our local talent.

Appearing at the Guild for the first Session of the year will be:
Eddie Ink

Derek Atkinson

Reid Stevens

Cameron Twomey

John Wignell

Phil Hudson

Greg Leon

Bob Hutchison

Mats Bjorklund

Bernard de la Coeur

Hosted as always by Fiona Claire and Dean Lombard, with all the hospitality of Bar 303,  we welcome everyone to the DSG for music and friendship.

Bring your tribe and we'll see you there!



For more information about the Guild, see our website or Facebook page

Members of the Guild take turns playing three-song sets of their original material. Sessions happen monthly on Sunday afternoons at 303, from 3:30 to 6:30 pm. Email sessions@darebinsongwritersguild.org to book a spot.