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Cinecult303: ‘Deadly Prey' & 'Killer Workout'


CineCult303 is yanking the fairy tail and telling you a donkey tale in May with Jacques Demy's DONKEY SKIN (1970).
Better known for his un/realist musical, The Umbrellas of Cherbourg, Demy reunites with Catherine Deneuve for another unique, odd, somewhat perplexing musical that turns the genre of fairy tales on its side and tickles it with somewhat uncomfortable hugs. Feel good and feel weird, DONKEY SKIN is a captivating experience that is likely to linger long in your heart and soul (an essential ingredient of all CineCult303 selections).

Demy adapts the famous fairy tale, in which a king wishes to marry his daughter, leading her to go into hiding, wrapped up in a magical donkey skin. The narrative may be simple, but nothing else in the film is. Beautifully weaving Demy's own obsessions into something of an ode to Cocteau's The Beauty and the Beast (including casting Jean Marais as the obliviously creepy king), Donkey Skin is a ravishing feast that continues to inspire (The Love Witch's Anna Biller is a devoted fan, recreating elements of this film for her recent, break-out hit).

CineCult303 is a gold coin donation event. Please arrive early for good couches. The film will commence at 7:30pm.

As always, a gold coin donation is required to help us keep the strangeness flowing.

CineCult303 is a not-for-profit film night dedicated to keeping the weird alive. Gold coin donation for entry. All proceeds will be donated to local arts organisations to keep the weird growing.