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Cinecult303: THE NEW GLADIATORS 2072


The year is 2072 A.D. and decades of war have become part of mankind's inheritance. Violence is a way of life and the masses are craving for it. In an attempt to profit from this addiction to violence, the two major television networks begin broadcasting programmes based on pain, brutality and human destruction. The ratings battle becomes more terrifying than anyone could ever imagine.
Starring Al Cliver (Zombie Flesh Eaters, 2020 Texas Gladiators, Devil Hunter), Fred Williamson (1990: The Bronx Warriors, From Dusk Til Dawn, Inglorious Bastards), Jared Martin (Westworld, Twin Sitter), and a slew of dubbed Italians (including Fulci himself, who wasn't above a hearty cameo).

In 1984, infamous Italian director Lucio Fulci was coming off an incredible run of horror, westerns, and giallos. Known for his pitch black sense of humour, interest in baroque and impactful violence, and eclectic approach to narrative progression, Fulci's mid-80s period has not received the attention it deserves. An already surreal and nightmarish filmography was about to get a hell of a lot stranger with the likes of MURDER ROCK (speaks for itself), THE DEVIL'S HONEY (you'll never look at a saxophone the same way again, or people in general), CONQUEST (totally based off that fantasy transdimensional futuristic sword and sandal laser bow and arrow game you used to play when you were a kid), and CAT IN THE BRAIN (Fulci's 8 1/2). However, none of these films would quite match the unbridled lunacy on display in this future blood sport opus to the glory of violence and synths. Suprisingly ambitious for a late-period work of Italian knock-off cinema, here borrowing and remixing liberally from the likes of Rollerball, A Clock Work Orange, Blade Runner, and may have been heavily ripped off in turn by The Running Man.

Alternatively known as WARRIORS OF THE YEAR 2072, ROME 2033: THE FIGHTER CENTURIONS, or I Guerrieri Dell'anno 2072, THE NEW GLADIATORS will be screened from an Australian VHS release. Soak up the grime and glorious future-ancient Roman sets in all its magnetic tape glory.
So get yourself down to Bar 303 in Northcote on Tuesday the 14th for a magnificent slice of classic genre cinema, long hard to acquire but never forgotten.
Gold coin donation entry.
18+, drinks available for purchase from the bar.
Arrive early for good couches, film commences at 7:30pm.

CineCult303 is a not-for-profit film night dedicated to keeping the weird alive. Gold coin donation for entry. All proceeds will be donated to local arts organisations to keep the weird growing.