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We may be living in a golden age of television series, but nothing compares to the glory of a classic TV movie, a format that allowed for high strangeness and gave many faded or eclipsed stars a chance to have some fun.

In 1990, Tobe Hooper presented the world with I'M DANGEROUS TONIGHT, & an all star cast featuring Mädchen Amick (TWIN PEAKS new & old, SLEEPWALKERS, TRAPPED IN PARADISE), Anthony Perkins (PSYCHO, CATCHC 22, PRETTY POSION, CRIMES OF PASSION), Dee Wallace (THE HOWLING, E.T., THE HILLS HAVE EYES, THE FRIGHTENERS), and R. Lee Emery (FULL METAL JACKET, TOY STORY 1-3 MAN OF THE HOUSE), and based upon a story by Cornell Woolrich (REAR WINDOW, THE BRIDE WORE BLACK, THE LEOPARD MAN).

An ancient Aztec tomb has been opened, and found within is a sacrificial robe, psychically stained by endless blood rituals! Fortunately, Mädchen Amick is on-hand to turn that old hand-me-down into a fabulous little red dress. Mayhem ensues because all the boys and girls just want to have fun - fun inflected by the craven evil of this cursed fashion! But fear not, for Anthony Perkins is on the case, & he simply MUST have the dress...for academic purposes of course...

With enough subtext to write a thousand uni essays, I'M DANGEROUS TONIGHT is equally entertaining as it is chilling, in a GOOSEBUMPS For Grownups kind of way.
Hooper may never escaped from the shadow of THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE, but that didn't stop him from creating one of the most diverse filmographies of any of the American horror masters of the Vietnam era. His early works indicate a highly creative and original filmmaker with as much skill in Pop Art remixing as Joe Dante and more raw talent than is often acknowledged. His precision visions of nightmare were always buoyed by an eclectic and degenerate sense of humour that could slice a tomato with ease, and regularly cut to the core of the American Dream. His later works relegated him to "lesser" formats, being abandoned to TV & 'Straight to Video', and these works are ripe for reappraisal (check out SPONTANEOUS COMBUSTION if you are wondering what the Nuclear Family film version of David Lynch would be). Now we present a rare opportunity to view I'M DANGEROUS TONIGHT, a long lost camp classic that tips the genre on its head & offers up a smorgasbord of sexual weirdness while riding (very) high on the fumes of Fashion-able cinema.

We will be screening from an original VHS release of the film.
The film will commence at 7:30pm. Arrive early for couch seating.
Gold coin donation for entry.

CineCult303 is a not-for-profit film night dedicated to keeping the weird alive. Gold coin donation for entry. All proceeds will be donated to local arts organisations to keep the weird growing.

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