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Spectrum - Hammond Sessions


Many punters may not be aware that in the earliest days of Spectrum ('69-'73) the 'prog rock' sound of the band featured the Hammond organ. The band's musical style and sound then moved through various evolutions over many years, to where Spectrum is today - a National Musical Treasure!

Hammond player Daryl Roberts, will showcase with the other Spectrum members, music of the very early days. The members of the band need very little introduction, but they are: Mike Rudd - guitar/vocal/harp/recorder,  Peter "Robbo" Robertson - drums, Broc O'Connor - bass, and of course Daryl Roberts - hammond.

Doors at 8.00pm - Performance time: 9.00pm - 11.00pm

Entry - $10

The Leslie will be spinning and the tone wheels in the mighty vintage B3 style Hammond

Organ will be grinding to the music from Australia's finest Hammond Organ players

with their highly acclaimed rhythmn sections and surprise guest musicians.