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Purity + Sail On! Sail On! + Cordell + Shut Up Jackson + White Crows

Sail On! Sail On!
Shut Up Jackson
White Crows

$10 - Bar 303 - MELBOURNE

For Fans Of: Perspectives, Turnover, the shitty spoken word content of Being as an Ocean" - I Probably Hate Your Band.

Purity. are a 5 piece Melodic Emo, Post-Rock influenced Hardcore band from the Capital Territory of Australia, Canberra.
Having 4 releases in their 3 & a half year time as a group Purity are touring Australia again for the 4th time! Having toured Australia & New Zealand before with bands Punchdagger, Silver Lining, Pasha Bulka, Fresh Nelson, Barracks, Guard Your Hearts & Fire For Glory this tour is in celebration of their 4th record 'Old Saw' released on the 20th of April this year through BrokenJar on Youtube & on the band's personal Bandcamp page linked here (

Catching an Uber all the way from Perth, Sail On! Sail On! are the West's answer to questions no one really asked, like "Why don't you play that riff in 7/4?" and "Did that guy just invite all of Tinder to the show?". They've been busily locked away writing their début album and will be releasing a single and video from said album before they hit the road. They're looking forward to visiting the east coast for the third time, so you should check out their previous stuff ( and bring them vegan and gluten free treats because their stomachs and ethics hate them.

Together on this large endeavour across plains and stale servo donuts they will tour and play rock shows across this great country and we hope that you can come and join.