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The Voice of West Papua

As part of the 2016 Radiothon at 3CR Radio Station. the Voice of West Papua with Rose Turtle Etler is hosting a "VOICE FOCUSED FUNDRAISER GIG to support The Voice of West Papua Radio Show in 2016. This gig presents variety of artists ranging from singing, poetry , beatbox and more. Please come and show your support and help keep The Voice of West Papua on Air. $10 Entry. More if you can, less if you cant.

Arad Nik (Persian Lyrical Waves)
Black Orchid Stringband (Big harmonies from West Papua)
Boat Chorus (Spellbinding Intuitive Impro) - all the way from Ballarat
Carl Pannuzzo (Soulful Chameleon)
Carolyn Connors <<The Age The Best Experimental/Avant-Garde Act 2016!>>
Composed (Coburg North Primary School Acapella group)
Gelareh Pour (Haunting yet Captivating)
Janet Galbraith (Chronicling the Captors)
Kit Luna (Old Tales Remixed)
Morgan Morganics Lewis (Beatbox & Rhymes)
Plastic Knife (Mysterious Sexy Egomaniac)
Shane Van Den Akker (Overtone Harmonic Chanting)
Susan Bamford Caleo, Louise O'Dwyer, Robert Stephens (Rich Strange Other-Wordly)