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Sleeplab + Zen Robotic + Youthfire + Disco Computer + Symmetrix

As the votes are counted on Federal Election Night 2016, come and allow some of Melbourne's hottest electronic acts to either soothe your pain, heighten your joy or alieviate you from boredom.

The tender vocals of the dark but ethereal Sleeplab will sweep across guitar driven electronic waves which will crash upon the shoreline of your soul and leave you in a breathless melancholia.

The enigmatic Zen Robotic will take you from reflectively pondering your existence to inciting the kinds of feelings that will drive a desire to tear the planet a new orifice.

Youthfire's synthetic soundscapes will draw you into a dream state which you will experience with awake consciousness, and for a moment the warm and cozy feelings you encounter will trigger deep seated memories of the womb.

The unashamedly synth heavy Disco Computer can be likened to a musical Prozac. Any lingering depressive feelings will be systematically decimated like so many space invaders.

All attendees must be warned that the thoughtful songs of Symmetrix may leave a stain on both your heart and your mind. But don't worry, once you possess the stain you'll do all manner of things to retain it.

Earlier Event: July 1
Later Event: July 3