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The Monotremes + Great Rack


The Monotremes -

  • Zappa-esque multigenre. Progressive jazzpunk. Industrial cartoon

  • Adam Cook - Keys/vox
    Curtis Reardon - Guitar
    Josh Kelly - Saxes / clarinet
    George Worthy - Electric clarinet / bassoon
    Josh Holt / Jordan Tarento - bass
    Jonathan Griffiths - Drums/perc/samples


Great rack and an empty club reverb join The Monotremes for their first show of 2017.

The Monotremes are getting geared up for their feature shows taking place at The Town 2017, and in the interest of safety, want to run a couple of things by you all.

It is, we suspect, going to be good. The Monotremes have a bunch of old things you like and new things, Great rack are really rather fascinating, there will be beers.

Great rack and an empty club reverb

Great rack and an empty club reverb meet at the intersection of live acoustic instruments within the contained space of sound processing. Emily Bennett augments the banal, meaningful and meaningless voice beyond its social construct, unveiling a parallel world on her Korg signal processing rack. Joining her are enigmatic Maria Moles on drums and percussion and Adam Halliwell on guitar and synths, who together, negotiate a chaotic binary lens.

The Monotremes

Attempted descriptions of the The Monotremes' sound include 'jazzpunk' and 'industrial cartoon'. Influenced in equal parts by J.S. Bach, Maurice Ravel, Thelonious Monk, Frank Zappa, Beck, and the gorillaz, the musical style of the band is just like a monotreme - bizarre in appearance, yet strangely functional.

With a line-up of weird people - Adam Cook on keyboards/vocals, Ed Farrar on trumpet, George Worthy on electric clarinet/bassoon, Spencer Nelson on trombone, Curtis Reardon and Paul Burke on guitars, Josh Holt on bass and Jonathan Griffiths on drums/percussion/samples - The Monotremes cover everything from baroque polyphony to drum and bass, psychedelic soundscape to Disney reggae, smooth jazz to funk, all in the same song. It's different.

See you there,
Great rack and The Monotremes

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