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Josh Johnstone + Wally Howlett & The Chest Hairs + Tim Woodz & The Dirty Shoes


Line up: Josh Johnstone, Wally Howlett & The Chest Hairs, Tim Woodz & The Dirty Shoes


Door Price: $10


Josh Johnstone & The Bonnie Doons , Live at 303 in Northcote, Victoria. Josh has been touring for most of 2017. An extremely busy & hard working musician, Josh will be promoting his new album. His new single 'Just What It Is" - available now on Spotify, Itunes and more.. Check out the new music video, which was filmed on a 7 hour drive in the Australian Outback: this show, you can expect to hear a bunch of brand new tracks and of course songs from the debut album 'Call in Whispers'.


Wally Howlett is a Melbourne based singer/songwriter with a ridiculously handsome smile. Just recently, he & his beloved chest hairs have been working hard to record his softmore EP due for release in later 2017. With the success of the first single 'Coffee' hitting the facebooks, Wally and the band have been oozing with energy with a massive summer of domestic touring ahead of them. Fans of the band recently suggested that they change their name to 'The Chest Beards,' management would not have any part of this.

Tim Woodz, probably the most recognised face on recent television for his acting on the 'Down down, the prices are FUCKING always DOWN' on the Coles adverts. Please don't mention this to Tim because he will break you. Apart from being a really famous actor, Tim Woodz's eccentric and free spirited lyrics will capture your attention like dirty dishes at an OCD factory.