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Stephen Foster + Reece Campbell + Stevie Renee


Steve, Reece and Stevie's Final Recital:

For the past two years, Stephen has been mostly present throughout a music performance course at Melbourne Polytechnic.
To celebrate the culmination of his studies he will take to the stage and be noisy for a little bit. But not too long.
Some of this noise may sound vaguely remeniscent of artists such as the Gorillaz, Nick Cave and the bad seeds, or that drunk friend that sings too loudly at karaoke.
He hopes to see you there, and would like to remind you that he's a rum drinker.
Karaoke will most likely follow.

Hailing from the Victorian country metropolis of Bendigo, Reece has worked tirelessly, day and night (but never in the early morning) to concoct a smorgasbord of delectable tunes to satisfy your ear-holes. He'll be performing a mixture of covers, by artists such as Guthrie Govan and Andy McKie, as well as some original tunes by artists such as Reece Campbell. Come treat yourself (as well as Reece's inflated ego) to 40 minutes of self-indulgence!

Stevie's first gig was performed from behind a rubbish bin at the tender age of seven. Shortly after, she was wrestling a Grammy "Kanye-style", from that very same bin, and has now rightfully claimed the spotlight.
Heavily influenced by Fleetwood Mac and Paramore, she will attempt to dazzle you with a mix of covers and originals, carefully selected for you by her team of underpaid associates.
A challenging, yet truly wonderful couple of years at Melbourne Polytechnic has led her to this very moment.