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Alternative Hip Hop Party - 3CR Radiothon Fundraiser

Curse Ov Dialect
MC Izzy Brown (from political hip-hop crew Combat Wombat)
MC Lady Lash
...AND DJ Khepa from Global Intifada 3CR
Renowned for their intense live performances involving elaborate costumes, Curse Ov Dialect invites you to participate in their Dadaist stage theatrics.

MC Izzy will take you on an unforgettable ride of truth and rights mixed with dub-heavy bass.

Lady Lash is a storyteller from Kokatha country on the West Coast of South Australia who combines refreshing jazz melodies with soulful hip hop beats.
Come and party with Greek Resistance Bulletin as we raise funds toward the 2017 3CR Radiothon!

Every Tuesday at 10pm, Greek Resistance Bulletin brings you news from the social movements of Greece in English and Greek. News from the anti-fascist and anti-racist front and news of actions and political initiatives from below. Listen live or online at
Check out the acts here:

And listen to Izzy as part of Combat Wombat: