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Slice Crew Presents: GEOTECH #2

Slice Crew Presents: GEOTECH #2
Geotech number # 2 is happening at Bar 303 with some quality eclectic & original live electronica from a massive lineup of local artists and producers. With visuals from Sambot.
Gonna be massive and wicked fun. Hope to see you there!

Date: 1st of July, 2017.
Location: Bar 303, 303 High Street, Northcote.
Time: 7pm - 1am
Door: $10

TRICKBOX (Culture Jam)
SAMBOT (Tanglewood) - Visuals

The Trickbox project creates entire electronic sets on the spot using electronic and natural instruments going into a live looper; adapting the set spontaneously to each environment.
The tools are two synths, a melodica, a hand-drum with theramin, vocal effects and bags full of cheeky tricks, including the ability to sample FM radio and the crowd, and then live remix and tweak the input into a new song.
The show is a performance, and an interaction with the environment it surrounds. Any sound, style and speed is possible and this is decided in the moment. Each set is unique, and is made only for the moment, each sound and song, never to be heard the same again.

- Launching the album 'Fireworks'.
The Hep Cat Heppel has been producing genre bending music for over 15 years. Coming from a live music background, he seamlessly mixes organic with electronic, creating amazing music which is hard to classify. File under: glitch/electronica,prime beats.
Labels to release Stickleback include Synchronos Recordings, Cosmicleaf, Slalom Records, Eyelash Records, Rajon and Yellow Sunshine Explosion.

LazyBoyProactive is becoming one of Melbourne’s favorites with their fusion of tech, Break elements with live vocals, guitars, synths and live drums. This powerhouse duo has been active since 2006, with the final aim to offer much more than music to their audience, striving to deliver a mind-blowing audio and visual experience at their live shows. During those years Lazyboyproactive has released 2 concept albums as well two singles and done remixes for various artists locally and internationally. Don’t miss this epic spectacle.

A four piece live electronic outfit blending EDM/House music with elements of Space-Disco, Balearic House and Oriental Psychedelica into a groove-laden sonic spread.

Disco Computer.
Electro duo Disco Computer, based in Melbourne Australia, Disco Computer have been around since 2006 entertaining people in several states with an 70's, 80's & 90's influenced set of originals and covers.
Armed with a set of old school synths (no VST's here thank you very much), Disco Computer will get your party pumping with it's infectious collection of originals and covers! Hopefully they'll be at a venue near you in the not so distant future.

immi-Woods is a Melbourne, Australian based producer an experimental electronic musician who could be considered a genre crosser who underpins his sound with tech infused grooves. In every production he is continuously thinking outside the square but most importantly allows the music to develop where it needs to grow.

Fate Æffect.
Vessel for musical experimentation and inspiration unrestricted by genre, flirting with a range of electronic styles from industrial, dark techno, weird bedroom beats and electronica, breakcore to noise/ambient. Fate Æffect’s live setup and production techniques change constantly and aims to generate gyrations of sensory awareness.

Arcane Trickster.
- Launching the album 'Far From Here'.
Arcane Trickster is a project centered around producer, Damiano Verna. Usually operating as a collaborative project with a variety of musicians, in particular long time musical partner, John Crombie, Arcane Trickster's eclectic music spans the genres of electronic music. Arcane Trickster have released on labels such as Tempest Recordings, Cosmicleaf Records, Yellow Sunshine Explosion, Liberation, Equinox Productions, Earthcore, Green Ant, and more.

The Asymmetric music project encompases an appreciation and creation of music with deep melody and crisp sound design concepts, tailoring to psytrance techno and break beat modalities of composition. It is the aim of this project to find and create electronic arrangements that embue classical and barogue dark melodies all the way to emotive soaring leads, with a combination of hard granular and modulated grooves and sound textures to arrive at a creative juxtaposition of modern and past time traditions of electronic music.