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The Wimmera speaks

The Wimmera speaks. D’Arcy Molan

After skronking with saxophone delight in The Impossible No Goods and being part of BJ Morriszonkle’s Toy Symphony wrecking crew, D’Arcy Molan is sufficiently pacified to perform an interpretation of his matrilineal connection to the Wimmera region in western Victoria. In ‘The Wimmera speaks’ D’Arcy will project landscape photographs, and use spoken word, pre-recorded soundscapes, and live instruments to present material themed around people and place, the ethics of non-indigenous belonging, and the multiple history of spaces explored in his recent work, ‘The Wimmera: a postcolonial mosaic memoir’. Experience the premiere of this new multimodal work with punctuated support from MC Rhythmic Gibberish and vocal haiku from The Northern Belles.

doors at 8pm, $10.