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Geotech #4

Slice, Tempest & Cosmicleaf present: Geotech #4 - Chill Edition.

Kerensa Stephens - Aviatrix (NZ)
Arcane Trickster

VJ: Ear Mind Eye

Date/Time: Saturday August 12th, 7pm - 1am.
Entry: FREE
Location: Bar 303, 303 High Street, Northcote, VIC, AUS.

Artist Bios...

Kerensa Stephens. (Cosmicleaf)
Dunedin, New Zealand based singer songwriter Kerensa Stephens has enjoyed a long and exciting artistic career. In her early life, Kerensa focused on dance, with music as a secondary practice; the 90's reversed this. Initially she sang in experimental rock bands, such as Children's Television Workshop and Waste The Earth. This underground arty exposure suited and helped her develop a lyrical, poetic writing style.
Then the colourful, wondrous world of the Rave dance scene swept through the New Zealand countryside and Kerensa found herself singing with a local electronic composer ecophonik. From within the Eudaemony Tribe, they developed a strong and extensive set which saw them invited to play a number of larger festivals in NZ, notably Canaan Downs Festival, Parihaka, Kaikoura Roots Festival, Soundsplash and Dunedin Mid-Winter Solstice Party.
As Aviatrix she composes electronica and enjoys melding blues and jazzy tones with experimental sometimes filmic soundscapes.
Aviatrix continues to write and expand, dream and dance, sing and produce original songs across diverse genres from Lounge, to drum & base, ambient techno, trance aria, dub, psysoul, gypsy folk and psybient.

Kable 54.
Melbourne artist Kable54 performs his sprawling synth driven, energetic electronic music, completely live & without computers, around Melbourne bars and nightclubs.
Kable54’s energetic live sound leverages the sonic aesthetic of his throwback analog & digital instruments, along with the ‘plastic ambient’ sound of his mesmerizing 2016 release, The Month Machine.
Right now, his main influences are 70’s Krautrockers like Kraftwerk & Conrad Snitzler, through to the current day Simian Mobile Disco as well as Youtube kids and their bedroom acid jams.
After previously releasing 4 EPs and performing a full live performance on KissFM Australia, Kable54 is currently polishing up his 5th release, a full length studio album. Volca Galaxies (released on Clan Analogue) will be a culmination of his near fortnightly gigging with the current hardware setup.

Stickleback. (Tempest)
Stickleback has been producing genre bending music for over 15 years.
Coming from a live music background, he seamlessly mixes organic with electronic, creating music which is hard to classify.
He has released numerous tracks on compilations and two albums, the most recent of which, 'Slipping On Black Ice' through Tempest Recordings, a Melbourne based label which likes to push the boundaries of leftfield downtempo and electronica.
Other labels to release Stickleback include Synchronos Recordings, Cosmicleaf, Slalom Records, Eyelash Records, Rajon and Yellow Sunshine Explosion.

Garagee. (Tempest)
Garagee is the brainchild and ongoing expressive outlet of multi-instrumentalist, Rob McPherson....
Kicking off in 2008, Garagee's aim was, and has remained, to create eclectic and emotive instrumental vignettes, accompaniments to travel and life, a non-visual filmic experience....if you will...
Drawing from a rich pallette of world instruments (including ruan, liuqin, saz, erhu, dan bau, gamelan and ukulele), traditional
rock instruments (guitar, bass, drums and synths) and field recordings utilizing electronics, Garagee creates hypnotic soundtracks to short films you haven't seen yet.
Garagee's live shows employ acoustic & electronic instrumentation, along with custom film clips. The past 6 years
has seen the project play supports to Australian electronic music legends by the likes of Ollie Olsen, Hesius Dome,
Rip Van Hippy & Andy Rantzen.

Arcane Trickster. (Tempest)
Arcane Trickster is a project centered around producer, Damiano Verna. Usually operating as a collaborative project with a variety of musicians, in particular long time musical partner, John Crombie,
Arcane Trickster's eclectic music spans the genres of electronic music with release on labels such as Tempest Recordings, Cosmicleaf Records, Yellow Sunshine Explosion, Liberation, Equinox Productions, Earthcore, Green Ant, and more.

Numatica. (Tempest)
Numatica is the down tempo project from Melbourne based producer Andrew Hunt. Playing guitar in bands of various styles formany years, Numatica evolved from a desire to incorporate various elements of electronic and acoustic music Andrew enjoyed into the one project, with the aim of keeping the songs melodic and rhythmic with interesting song structures.
Following his critically acclaimed debut album 'Dubutary' on the PsyHarmonics label, Numatica has joined the Tempest label, with his releases 'Sonic Circus' and '1 X 1 =3' and remixing Stickleback, Side Liner, Robodop Snei and Red Eye Express.