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Bitter Sweet + Watercolour + The Kujo Kings + Disgruntled Architect


This lineup is a homemade smoothie. You throw in some mango, strawberries and blueberries, drizzle some honey and top it off with a bit of almond milk. Nice. But today you're feeling a little adventurous. You look in the cupboard and pull out some walnuts, you throw in a few spinach leaves and heck, maybe you even chop up a bit of kale and throw that in the blender too. Next thing you know you're sprinkling some of that fancy mushroom powder that your sister bought from an organic food shop in Northcote that's supposed to give you super powers. You blend that motherfucker up and gulp it down and it's waaaacky but it's goooood. You feel alive, you feel refreshed, you feel satiated.

*You attending this gig = being entertained by a wacky concoction of music and human beings*

Tickets $5 on the door! #cheapaschips

Bitter Sweet is an audio-visual creative project that was conceived, born and raised in the fertile soil of Melbourne. At nearly nine years of age, its most vivid memories are of uncontained, visceral energy exchanged between band and audience at shows and house parties. The core members of this group (Cade Harrison, Lachlan Powell, Matt Millsom) primarily produce their music with the human voice, a Korg Minilogue synthesizer, Nord Electro keyboard, drums, cymbals and various other percussion. It is not uncommon to find other performers on stage at their shows, since collective collaboration is at the core of this group's ethos.

Watercolour, the seven-piece get-up with an off-kilter line-up. This band gets funky with flute, rocks out on trumpet and swings with violin. The mash of genres, fusion of instruments, and unconventional ideas make this act a fun, truly unique experience.

The Kujo Kings are keeping ska music alive and healthy, unlike that poor bonsai plant you bought at bunnings 6 months ago and keep forgetting to water. These guys write original ska music so it's fresh, it's Australian, there's trumpet, there's sax, there's trombone and anyone who has been to their shows will tell you that it's a fun time and all your irrational fears about having a lil boogie will melt away. Don't believe me? Google 'The Kujo Kings' and see for yourself. Better yet, catch their set at this show!

Disgruntled Architect aims to provide a great time for any audience while delivering unique, modern interpretations of various musical traditions including Gypsy Jazz, Klezmer, Flamenco and Arabic Folk. Their compositions focus on remaining true to the musical traditions of their sonic inspirations while continuing to cultivate their frenetic energy and improvisational quality.