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Tumble Turn + Sun Traitors + Seven Magaritas


After a longer than expected break, TUMBLE TURN return to the scene to host this tribute to the sun and the seasons. The planets have aligned recently, with their music videos for 'Cash Jobs' and 'Bunnings Sausage' making waves on social media and commercial TV. Rounding out its first year, the band has fine-tuned 15 songs and they'll play all of them on the night.

Opening the night are punk supergroup SEVEN MARGARITAS. With members of Strawberry Fist Cake, Psycho Moto and The Cruntburgers, they're sure to make an almighty sonic sacrifice to the gods.

SUN TRAITORS are newcomers to the Melbourne rock and roll scene, with a sound that lives between post 70's blues-rock, 80's & 90's glam, and modern hard rock, Sun Traitors play loud and then some! Their debut self titled EP was released in August this year and is available through all major online stores and streaming services.

Doors open at 8, with a tenner upon entry for our troubles.