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H Abyst + Fabric


An evening of improvised music in the front bar of 303. 2 bands / 2 sets.

H Abyst met in the Tasmanian highlands of Tarraleah in 2015, drawn together by a love for freely improvised music and the ease by which they found themselves playing together. They improvise cinematic soundscapes, fragile, stark and beautiful.

Peter Bouwman / bass
Aurora / voice + violin
Shaun Rammers / tenor

Fabric is an improvised ensemble. Devised by drummer Ronny Ferella, saxophonist Shaun Rammers and bassist Mick Meagher, the group plays on the idea of stretching, bending, reshaping the practice of group improvisation- sometimes meditative, sometimes explosive but an always in motion real-time compositional unit.

Shaun Rammers
Mick Meagher
Ronny Ferella

Bar 303
12th July
Donation entry

Fabric 830
H Abyst 930