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Notey and Noisy: A Sound Science Mathemusical


Notey likes single frequencies. Noisy likes as many as possible, but the perfect note and noise have always eluded them. So they visit a wise chap called Knowsey to try to work it out, but soon find out that music physics is a series of near misses, shifting sands and slippery slopes: Nature's cheeky like that!

An aural cerebral adventure across the unstable landscape of the science of sound. Deconstructing the nuts and bolts of music is at once joyful and terrifying. Imagine a mongrel mix of the Goons, Jacob Collier and Julius Sumner Miller.

While we've performed a few of the songs over the years, this is will be the first showing of the full shebang. Just Ky and me, playing 7 characters and some of the most complex arrangements and looping we've attempted. Being a first public run and it being a somewhat challenging show (though fun too!), please only bring people who'll be able to focus for the full 75 minutes. Yes, despite what you might assume from the title, it's not a kids' show, although I reckon older kids will get it and even dig it!

Free entry

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