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HomeBass feat. Goosebumpz, Mustard Tiger + Secret Guest


Homebass feat. Goosebumpz, Mustard Tiger + International Secret Guest

With the calendar somehow reading February already, we have to acknowledge the amount of musical opportunities that are presented for us during summer in Australia.
It seems you can barely scroll half a page down your news feed without being pulled this way or that to attend another festival (be it here or interstate) and as cool as it is that we find ourselves being spoilt for such choice.. the reality often is that “muthaf**kers be broke as hell” and there aint no shame in that!
So Homebass Crew have formulated a plan to combat your thin wallet, your dusty camping rigs and your evergrowing tick bills… we’re gonna condense that festival vibe down into one night of goodness… and guess what??? Yup, its still only $10!

After an electrifying performance at the world renowned Coffs Hotel, this daredevil packed up what was left of his char-grilled equipment and headed south… and to celebrate this, he’s agreed to unleash a stack of his newest tunes on us, along with all those other groove weapons.. on the condition that we try to keep the pyrotechnics to a minimum.

How long has it been since you’ve seen the big fella uncage the mustard? Obviously the lad’s been kicking all sorts of goals on the Staunch front… and uh ladies… I reckon he’s dropped a few kg since we last seen him.. (just sayin’) Either way, we’re so excited to give this big mustard pussy a chance to stretch its legs and throw down some epic purr-a-longs.

uh, what part of “secret” don’t you get?
watch this space for more clues and details leading up to the event…