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Entropy Quartet + Bird Conference

Entropy Quartet Photo.jpg

Entropy Quartet:

Entropy Quartet is a four piece ensemble from Melbourne that merge elements of improvised jazz, funk and groove, roving through syncopated states and improvised landscapes. The ensemble perform mostly original material but their sets are also peppered with creative interpretations of well known pop music, from the likes of The Beatles, Radiohead, Bjork, Solange and others. The band draws influence from a broad spectrum of musical sources, ranging from Jazz, to classical,

to electronic music. They released their first full-length studio release S>0 at the end of 2017, when it was launched at Uptown Jazz Cafe. Entropy Quartet have been played on radio programs across the country, and performed live on PBS' Impressions program. The ensemble regularly play at various venues around Melbourne, and are currently working toward their second studio release in 2019.

Sally Rochlin - Sax

Ben Delves - Guitar

Ben Tansey - Bass

Kein Jenkin - Drums

Bird Conference Photo.jpg

Bird Conference:

The Bird Conference are comprised of five good friends exploring the rhythmic, harmonic and improvisational depths of jazz with humour, warmth and soul. The group’s compositions cover a wide spectrum of the jazz tradition ranging from highly structured pieces in the vein of weather report, to hard swinging numbers reminiscent of Art Blakey’s jazz messengers, to open sound and rhythm explorations. The Bird Conference will be releasing their debut EP recorded at Pughouse Studios later in 2019, and the ensemble currently hold a monthly residency at The Moldy Fig in Brunswick.

David Gooey - Guitar, Vocals
Ben Christensen - Bass, Vocal
Kein Jenkin - Drums
Ainsley Finn - Piano
Richard Butler - Tenor Sax