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The Clotheslines and Friends


Come down to the 303 on June 20th to see The Clotheslines' first headlining show! Not long after their return from Tassie, this duo have some fresh songs, a few tricks up their sleeves and can't wait to play at one of their favourite pubs with some of their favourite people! Accompanying them will be...

JUDE JOSEPH- Jude is everybody's folk punk sweetheart and will be returning from TAS alongside The Clotheslines. He sings political songs about capitalist hellscapes and cats.

SPENCER GORMAN- Spencer is a gorgeous solo artist whose songs can make you remember days you thought you could no longer remember.

BRODY GREG- Brody, our most recent interstate transfer (even though he's been here for ages) is a solo artist who absolutely hates sleep. His songs have been known to bring a tear to the eye and a smile to your face, and has been described as someone with "an old mans voice in a young man's body".