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The Moonhops


THE MOONHOPS are gonna do that special thing at Bar 303. Come join us for a long night of live Reggae and Rocksteady to dance your shoes off! All good vibes and action happening at the front bar!! All welcome and free entry, 9PM til late.

BAR 303

THE MOONHOPS - Melbourne's premier live Rocksteady and early Reggae band was formed in 2006. THE MOONHOPS were created from a deep exploration of American roots music: blues, jazz, rhythm and blues, and soul music. Appreciation for Jamaican R&B, Ska, Rocksteady and early Reggae recordings later became a crossover part of that discovery. The intense love that grew for the music led to a band devoted to bringing back the sounds of 60s and early 70s Jamaica and to masterfully interpret cult classics of a forgotten era.

In recent times they have been honoured to serve as full backing band for prominent and historic Jamaican artists, STRANGER COLE and vocal duo KEITH & TEX, during their visits to Australia. More than a decade later, after countless live appearances, and with blessings from the originators, THE MOONHOPS continue to pay homage to the sounds of the golden era of Jamaican popular music. Let THE MOONHOPS put a step in your feet with that Rocksteady beat.