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$8.00 or $5:00 IF DRESSED IN FULL CAMO
Bar 303
Public Transit
Stop 32 on the 86 tram or ride a bike!
Plenty of parking behind Bar 303.


Chiron is a band that will not be bound by genre.
Formed in 1997 by vocalist Michael Aliani (aka Carrodus) after he left popular cult dark wave band Ikon, the original line-up included legendary Ikon bass player Dino Molinaro and members of Russian Rock band B2, Shura Bi-2 and Lyova Bi-2. B2 went on to be one of Russia’s most successful rock acts of all time, with huge sales, numerous chart hits, signing with Sony Russia and in 2007 awarded MTV Russian Music Award for Best Rock Act.
Originally a dark wave band, Chiron entered the new millennium fresh with new ideas to take its music far deeper than before. What was once a solid dark wave band, Chiron was soon exposed to the sounds of trip hop, electro, and dark trance.
Though Chiron continues to evolve, never setting boundaries, one consistency has remained throughout, the deep spine tingling vocals of Michael Aliani.
Chiron’s first release, ‘Eve’ (Energeia Records Italy) in 1999 was a huge success for a debut release. It can be best described as a blend of dark wave with Avant guard electronics. The first pressing was sold out in month.
“Chiron is truly one of the most incredible bands to roll across my desk"
Dark Velvet 1999
“In this dark and moving collection, Chiron touch on gothic, dark wave and even a touch of new romantic styles, to produce an album of spellbinding intensity” Subversive 2000
“ well, a classic album”
Didier Becu 2016 Peek a Boo Magazine 2016
'Eve' has just been made available digitally for the very first time through Third Verse Music Australia.
Chiron’s second official release in 2005, ‘Slipping Away’ (Apollyon Records Germany) was originally a 13 track album with a number of re-worked tracks. Recently located masters of the recordings thought lost forever, make it possible to release ‘Slipping Away’ as a 15 track album. For the very first time Chiron’s epic album ‘Slipping Away’ in its full glory as originally intended. It is sleek, dark Avant guard music that cannot be pigeon holed to just one style.
This release still features all the original line-up: included legendary Ikon bass player Dino Molinaro, Shura Bi-2 and Lyova Bi- 2, but also introduces DJ Robert Anthony for the first time.
“Take a bow, you bastards! You have wrestled the electronic devil and bested him comprehensively. This album marks such a welcome change from the milky white, squeaky clean mush that floods the European mainland that it takes your breath away”
Mick Mercer 2005
'Slipping Away' has just been made available digitally for the very first time through Third Verse Music Australia.
Chiron’s third release the ‘Breaking Point’ EP in 2009 shows Chiron pushing its music far deeper than before in the genre of electronica. 'Breaking Point' shows what is possible when artists with different influences collaborate with the sole desire to compose truly original music.
'Breaking Point' has just been made available digitally for the very first time through Third Verse Music Australia.
“Just Play it and you will get sucked into the synthetic magic of Chiron”
Didier Becu 2016 Peek a Boo Magazine 2016
Available for the very first time, 'CHIRON: THE BEST OF’ through Wave Records Brazil will delight fans of both Chiron and the original line up of popular cult dark wave band Ikon.
This release features tracks from Chiron's debut album 'Eve', their second epic album 'Slipping Away' and a host of rarities, remixes and unreleased material made available for the very first time.
This release will surely please lovers of original music.
“If you have not been previously introduced to the band, The Best Of is a great oportunity” Marija Buljeta Altvenger Magazine 2016
“a passionate exposure of great new-wave music”
Side-Line Magazine 2016
Previously unreleased ‘We Own the Night’ consists of 9 tracks influenced by electronica. Dark, dreamy, intense, and at times frantic, each track is totally unique in context to the album. With Tanya Lee assisting on vocals, bringing her own influence and energy, the contrast to Michael’s vocal style is totally breath taking.
Each track on ‘We Own the Night’ transports the listener to a different soundscape. From the opening track 'Fury' which can only be described as dark and haunting, to the final track 'Slave' with its relentless beat and energy, ‘We Own The Night’ will surprise at every turn. This is electronic music with heart and soul.
'We Own the Night' has just been made available digitally for the very first time through Third Verse Music Australia.
“That's what I call evolution”
Didier Becu 2016 Peek a Boo Magazine 2016
Unreleased and nearing completion, 'The Sun Goes Down' consists of 10 tracks influenced by dark wave. It will surely be Chiron's darkest release. Themes of isolation, loneliness and loss are central.
What started as a solo project, has become an entity of epic proportions.
It re-introduces Dino Molinari on the bass and cello for the very first time since the 'Slipping Away' recording sessions. Dino's creative influence on this release cannot be understated.
It also introduces Leanne Coe on saxophone and clarinet
The concept of 'The Sun Goes Down' as a double album with the entire release remixed and reimagined is also nearing completion.
'The Sun Goes Down' is not for the faint hearted. It will challenge the listener at every turn.
Live, Chiron has played at some of Australia’s premiere music events. From large festivals to small intimate gatherings, Chiron continues to push the endless boundaries. As a live act Chiron are interested in one thing, enticing an audience to the dance floor. It is at these events, at an ungodly hour that Chiron is most at home playing their unique style of music.

Based out of Melbourne in Australia,this live electronica act strikes the audience with a fun moniker and with a really cool sound.
Lazyboyproactive is a live Electronica outlet for Melbourne singer, songwriter, and producer, Ank Juwaheer, AKA "Ankie."
Five years after the release of the Ka... See more
This sound combines electronic bleeps, live guitars and vocals done in a lazy manner but proactively.
In 2006, LazyBoyProactive was created by Ank Juwaheer Aka "Ankei". In that same year, he played a few gigs but nothing too serious.
In 2009, he locked himself in a beach house on a remote island for ten Months in order to shape his project.
In 2010, he moved back to the city.From then he finished his album “Kaos Dream” in his home studio in Melbourne. The album was released on the 13th Of August 2011 through Tempest Recordings.
The second album 'In Space, In Time And In Life' which will be released in digitally on Friday the 13th of January is an epic conceptual album.
This album transports the listener into a sonic journey from start to finish. Composed like a symphony, in a 1-3-5 minor progression, all the tracks are linked through the chord progressions. With complex melodies and time signatures this musical masterpiece will impress the modern listener in this day and age.
The album although very contemporary and innovative in its sound production is also kind of old school seventies concept.
The albums features songs like Undermental, Runaway and Supersonic that have a pop rock twist and Electro house tracks like Glitched Monkey and Take this greed that will make the punters dance. It also features chilled out tracks like Parallel earth, Obsession and Future Species.
The eclectic combination of genres and styles makes the album take the listener through a journey In Space, In time and In life.
The Project is now available for live shows and tours Globally. Follow on Facebook and email lazyboyproactive on SoundCloud if you are a promoter searching for a live Electro Act.
DJ's and Producers who are interested to remix the tracks on the this album, contact via email for prospective business...

corrosive beatz...subversive noize hard-bleep soundscapes
hi-tech // low-life_
>>>corrosive beatz...subversive noize
_hard-bleep soundscapes_
_transmitting since 21C
~solo project of Kraig Wilson

Strong velvety vocals of Spinster's Miriam Leslie, mixed with lush electronica produced by Elenor Rayner of Robots In Love. Emerging from the heart of Dunedin's diverse music culture, Human Confusion is the perfect mix of dance-worthy grooves and rich melodies. We love a stonkin' bass and the joy we get from performing our creations is hard not to catch.

Disco computer has changed dramatically since our formation in late 2006, from the singer and synth player combo common to 80’s synth pop to two singers/synth players exploring their love of House music today. While we will probably never shake off the 80’s that we get bestowed on us, we are immensely enjoying our exploration of 90’s and beyond.

Australian artist, producer and founding member of infamous performance art inspired project Tedium (TDM).

Peter formed Tedium (TDM) in 1993 in Melbourne Australia. They toured Australia extensively releasing three albums between 1994 and 2003. Due to their unique style which included rhythms played on car doors, petrol tanks and other industrial instruments, they were reviewed in both music and art publications. In 1998 Peter and his creative partner, designer Audra Cornish, developed the fashion label 'TDS Clothing'. TDS Clothing won the Melbourne Fringe Fashion Award in the same year which led to national television, magazine and news coverage. The following year a shop and creative headquarters were established in South Yarra. The shop 'TDM - TDS CLOTHING' soon became infamous and was often compared to Andy Warhol's Factory and Malcolm McClaren's infamous SEX SHOP in London where the Sex Pistols and designer Vivienne Westwood were established. The label specialised in Futuristic Glam Fashion and worked with many Australian music and television celebrities, appearing in the news and media worldwide.
The Band and Fashion Label were put on hold in 2003 so that Peter could work on other creative projects. He spent some time returning to the more improvisational performance aspect of early Tedium, working with other artists in various projects. He released his first solo album 'The Last Days of Berlin' in 2011. A more stripped down simpler acoustic based album consisting of songs written whilst living in India and Berlin around 2008-2009. The album was recorded in Australia and mastered in Berlin.
His 2016 album 'After The Love' was a return to the more complex and electronic / psychedelic sounds of the later Tedium albums, but with more of a trip hop like organic acoustic structure. The album was produced by Peter between 2014 and 2016 at his studio 'The Grove' in Melbourne Australia.
Peter works both as a solo artist and producer for other projects which includes playing in 'The Morning After Girls' who have toured the US with Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Dandy Warhols, Brian Jonestown Massacre and The Black Keys.

SISTERTHING [Subterranean Zone, Interzona]
Sister Thing is the alter ego of Melbourne Australia artist Jus 'The Thing' Godden, renowned for other musical projects such as The Ghostlight Project and Biggles in Space. Though history goes back much, much further. Sister Thing herself had been creating music as well as DJ'ing and co-organizing many regular and one off events around the Melbourne Australia 'Dark Alternative Nightclub' Scene since the late nineties. Known to some for sometimes implementing some very rough/crude mixing techniques. Sister Thing has certainly left allot of people with their jaw not quite up or down, probably slightly more confused than anything else. Sister Thing has recently been re-possessed by her alter ego 'The Thing' who has been writing and producing music for far, far longer, and given the experimental nature of The Thing's past projects, you will never really know what may come next, Check out for more info on The Thing.

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