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The Unbroken Trio SPARK Residency


The Unbroken Trio SPARK Residency is coming to Bar 303 in June. Featuring special guest support bands from across the country, the Unbroken Trio - Scott van Gemert (Trombone), Theo Carbo (Guitar), and Maddison Carter (Drums) will premiere their new suite SPARK.

Bar 303 - 303 High St, Northcote
Entry by donation!

SPARK is a continuous suite of music composed by Scott van Gemert. It is an exploration of individual points in time, flashes of inspiration and the magnitude or inconsequentiality of single moments. The material is drawn from individual fragments and ‘sparks’ of ideas that morph and deconstruct throughout the continuous evolution of the piece.
SPARK is comprised of eight movements: Ignition, Fragment, Magnitude, Flash, Glow, Time, Moment and Comprehension.

Also featuring!
Sunday 9th June:
7pm Merinda Dias-Jayasinha Trio
8pm Bernard Alexander Trio
9pm Unbroken Trio

Sunday 16th June:
8pm Fabric
9pm Unbroken Trio

Sunday 23rd June:
7pm Kaboobie
8pm Koi Kingdom
9pm Unbroken Trio

Sunday 30th June:
8pm Flora Carbo Trio
9pm Unbroken Trio