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Ogopogo + Koi Kingdom


Ogopogo's Thursday Residency at Bar 303 on High Street, Northcote (in the front bar)!!!
With legendary supports we shall let the good times begin :O :O


Don't Thank Me, Spank Me!
Two nightingales on a quest to discover their unique sound, which they believe they almost discovered at university. Fiddle, guitar, maybe bass, and of course some velvety vocals.

Sludge Party
The anti-heros of swamp tango, ready to rip hearts out and replace them with musical cigars and shiny, cranky honk fuzz that tastes very fine

Koi Kingdom
Koi Kingdom is a band of three who compose freely and creatively without genre restriction. They have a diverse collection of compositions that stretch their musical capabilities. You can expect to hear elements of jazz, 20th century classical, Latin as well as other traces of other musical influences.

Doors 8pm $10 Entry

Ogopogo is a red hot beast, ready to conquer any dance floor in the vicinity with their energetic performance and radical music. Generating a new wave of chaotic mayhem in Melbourne you can expect brain-twisting rhythms, colourful melodies and lustrous harmonies that leave you in a state of complete joy and wonderment. Expect dancing, laughing and all round good times with this eclectic 7-piece. Be ready to stir into the musical cooking pot a combination of disco, surf rock, experimental, jazz and groove. With members from local bands such as: 'TEK TEK Ensemble', 'The Teskey Brothers', 'The Barons of Tang', 'Koi Kingdom' and '8foot felix' one can only imagine what happens when this beast hits the stage! Ogopogo have blown their horns at such festivals as Rainbow Serpent, White Night, Sydney Road Street Festival and many more. With an EP out since 2017 and a brand new 7-inch single set to launch at the end of a very exciting 2018, this is the band to keep your peepers on...