303 Gig Guide
to Dec 25

303 Gig Guide

Monday 10th December – ‘groove, jazz’

Sean Connolly Quartet

8pm, $5


Tuesday 11th December – ‘rock‘

Little Elizabeth + Gluten Priest

8pm, $5


Wednesday 12th December – ‘jazz’

Tom Fryer Band + Sulo + Daniel Brates Trio

7:30pm, donation


Thursday 13th December – ‘acoustic’

Seb Szabo + Georgia Knight + Bear Blue

7:30pm, $10


Friday 14th December – ‘rock’

The Laminators

8pm, free


Saturday 15th December – ‘reggae’

Funky Kingston

9pm, $15/$10


Sunday 16th December - ‘jazz & single launch’

The Clunk Orchestra

3pm, free



The Night Before Tomorrow + Sky Voltage

7pm, donation


Monday 17th December – ‘funk, soul, jazz’

303 Yarra Banks Jam Night

8pm, free


Tuesday 18th December – ‘jazz, soul, funk‘

Gig for Aceng: Brooklyn ’86 + La Nuit Blanche + Julian Banks Trio + Mamatones + Adrian Whitehead + Dan Banks + Yarra Banks Jam Band

7pm, $15


Wednesday 19th December – ‘jazz’

Tom Fryer Band + Paul Burke Trio + Mofori

7:30pm, donation


Thursday 20th December – ‘african, dance’

Kairo Family + The African Star Dance + Mista Monk

7pm, $15


Friday 21st December – ‘rock’

Tumble Turn + Seven Margaritas + Sun Traitors

8pm, $10


Saturday 22nd December – ‘rock’

Tom Cartoonist + Weatherboard House

3pm, free



Strangers for Sale + The Colby’s + Pilgrim Age

7pm, $10 Vinnies donation


Sunday 23rd December - ‘jazz’

SHOL + Mick Power Band



Thursday 27th December – ‘funk, soul jazz’

Kickin the B at 303’

Thursday Hammond Sessions:

The Po’ Boys

8pm doors, $10


Friday 28th December – ‘jazz, soul, funk‘

Rice Paper Rollers


Saturday 29th December – ‘electronica’

Homebass feat. Tor + Coma-Chi + Austero + Griff + Auramechanic

8pm, $15


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7:30 PM19:30

Tom Fryer Band‎ + Adrian Sherriff Trio + Hicks, Sherriff and Stevens


Tom Fryer band December and January residency at Bar 303

The usual suspects plus a few guest appearances! Details to come...

This week December 5th we present an eclectic mix with a tour de force 3 set gig by Adrian Sherriff!!

7:30 pm

Hicks, Sherriff and Stevens
Tony Hicks- Woodwind
Adrian Sherriff- percussion
Kier Stevens- Dobro


Adrian Sherriff Trio
Bebop revisited through the lenses of Don Cherry's 'Complete Communion', the Paul Motion trio and John Zorn's 'Naked City'.
Adrian Sherriff - Soprano and Bass Trombone
Craig Fermanis- Guitar
Niko Schauble - Drums

Tom Fryer Band

Smokin' Grooves, Honkin' Riffs and Killer Vibes

Tom Fryer- Fretless Guitar and Fretted Guitar
Adrian Sherriff- Keyboard
Philip Day - Trumpet
Nick Delaney - Multiscale Bass :-)
Ryan Menezes - Drums

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7:30 PM19:30

Seb Szabo + Georgia Knight + Bear Blue


With a passionate blend of big-hearted indie rock and lyrics as honest as they are emotive, Melbourne singer-songwriter Seb Szabo is stepping out on his own after a year and half establishing himself with band Atticus Street. Supported by the dreamy folk pop of Georgia Knight and the mellow indie rock of Bear Blue, Seb Szabo’s first solo headline gig is the beginning of a journey you don’t want to miss.

Thrilled to invite two of his favourite Melbourne artists, Bear Blue and Georgia Knight

Tickets: $10/door

Doors: 7.30pm

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3:15 PM15:15

Newlands Choir


Newlands Choir are playing a long-awaited gig with their new Musical Director, Joe Hillel.
Come along to see one of Melbourne's finest choirs blow you away with a mix of everything from gospel to folk – this is their last public show of the year, so don't miss out!

Prebook tickets ($9.5c/$12.5f), or $12c/$15f on the door

Support act TBA

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7:00 PM19:00

The Night Before Tomorrow + Sky Voltage


The Night Before Tomorrow are very excited to celebrate with you the release of their brand new 7" vinyl record 'Welcome To My Studio". With a jampacked B side featuring "Bon Scott (RIP)" and "You Never Know So Don't Let Go".
With special guests Sky Voltage.

oh, and Rose is moving to Tasmania two days after this! So, this is our last gig for the year. Next will be our 10TH ANNIVERSARY celebrations in 2019!

7pm TNBT

Donation entry

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Yarra Banks 303 Jam
7:00 PM19:00

Yarra Banks 303 Jam


The Yarra Banks Jam is back on for the first and third Monday of every month, featuring the inimitable face melter Raleigh Williams on vocals, plus our totally pimped out house band of salty Melbourne sea dogs [not actually salty, or sea dogs...a little bit salty maybe]. Bring your horn, guitar, sticks or whatever else you can make noise with down to Bar 303 on the 1st and 3rd Monday of the month, and scratch that soul, blues, jazz and funk itch you know you have, before it turns into a rash.

Jamming starts 8:15pm.

free entry


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8:00 PM20:00

Tumble Turn + Sun Traitors + Seven Magaritas


After a longer than expected break, TUMBLE TURN return to the scene to host this tribute to the sun and the seasons. The planets have aligned recently, with their music videos for 'Cash Jobs' and 'Bunnings Sausage' making waves on social media and commercial TV. Rounding out its first year, the band has fine-tuned 15 songs and they'll play all of them on the night.

Opening the night are punk supergroup SEVEN MARGARITAS. With members of Strawberry Fist Cake, Psycho Moto and The Cruntburgers, they're sure to make an almighty sonic sacrifice to the gods.

SUN TRAITORS are newcomers to the Melbourne rock and roll scene, with a sound that lives between post 70's blues-rock, 80's & 90's glam, and modern hard rock, Sun Traitors play loud and then some! Their debut self titled EP was released in August this year and is available through all major online stores and streaming services.

Doors open at 8, with a tenner upon entry for our troubles.

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7:00 PM19:00

Strangers for Sale‎- Christmas Charity Gig


It's that time of year again folks, the sun's coming out, the Uni holidays are in full swing and Christmas is right around the corner.

We thought we'd celebrate the year by throwing a huge Christmas party with The Colby's and Pilgrim Age, and since it's the season for giving, every dollar from ticket sales is being donated to the Vinnies Victoria Christmas Appeal to help support those in need.

Come along, bring a friend, get loose, enjoy the tunes, and all for a good cause :)

Doors 7pm

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The Po Boys - 'Kickin' The B' Hammond Night
8:00 PM20:00

The Po Boys - 'Kickin' The B' Hammond Night

Doors at 8.00pm - Performance time: 9.00pm - 11.00pm

Entry - $10

The Leslie will be spinning and the tone wheels in the mighty vintage B3 style Hammond

Organ will be grinding to the music from Australia's finest Hammond Organ players

with their highly acclaimed rhythmn sections and surprise guest musicians.


303 Bar is ‘pulling out all the stops’ and has installed a big and beautiful vintage 60’s Hammond organ (B3 in a churchy cabinet) and mighty ‘Leslie’ rotary speaker in the front bar. Few, if any, venues are lucky enough to permanently host the incredible and unique sounds produced by this dynamic combination. We all know - there is no substitute for the real thing.

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9:00 PM21:00

Rice Paper Rollers


Due to popular demand, Rice Paper Rollers are doing a debut gig.
These guys are going on a psychedelic groove journey with some very brave special guests (TBA).
It's a genre crossing madhouse where many classics will be messed with, and many new things created.
An improvisation collaboration by a chop (collective noun for musician) of in demand Melbourne session musicians exploring songs, ideas and emotions.
Come check out the debut gig in advance of the Evelyn residency starting in the new year. Say you were there first before they were cool.

Gilly G - Guitar
Shane Evans - Drums
Owen Downie - Bass
Alex Howroyd - Too many things to mention


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8:00 PM20:00

Homebass: Tor / Coma-Chi / Austero


We are excited to bring you this multi international lineup featuring..

Tor (Canada)

Emerging in late 2012 with a sound that was all his own, Tor’s debut album ‘Drum Therapy’ was the culmination of over a decade of quietly honing his craft, merging the aesthetics of dusty samples with polished production, addictive melody and unique driving percussion. After catching the attention of Emancipator, the album became the first release to launch his new label Loci Records and led to supporting slots on several US tours and remixes for artists like ODESZA.
Tor’s sophomore album ‘Blue Book’ was released in summer 2016 and served as the perfect follow up – a natural evolution of the best qualities of his previous work, while pushing his sound forward with new sonic palettes, ideas and tempos. It’s a record that plays like a journey from start to finish, with rhythmic bell patterns, chopped vocal harmonies, atmospheric swells, warm basslines, and a newfound love of analog synthesizers all creating a distinctive world. Since the album’s release Tor has gone on to curate the ‘Origins’ mix series, supported Emancipator at Red Rocks and on a sold out North American tour, remixed artists such as RUFUS DU SOL and CLOZEE and is performing multiple festival appearances including Shambhala, Electric Forest, Oregon Eclipse, Envision, LIB, Sonic Bloom and the Do Lab stage at Coachella.


COMA-CHI is a pioneer of a female rapper in Japan who has awesome skills with experience, gathering respect from many people.
She is a very talented artist with a rich groove feeling influenced by black music such as HIPHOP, R & B, JAZZ, Afrobeats and also having outstanding singing ability.
She began singing as a vocalist since junior high school, in a band.
And when she was 15 years old, she met HIPHOP and started raping.
the rumor of her soon spread through Japanese music lovers and she was featured by many famous artist such as
RHYMESTER, ZEEBRA, Miliyah Kato, Daichi Miura...etc.

She became the first female historical finalist, with B-BOY PARK MC battle. The people admired her as the No. 1 woman MC of the Japanese HIPHOP artist.

She released the album “RED NAKED” from major label in 2009. The topics gathered about her rare singing ability and fashionability.
in recent years, she quit major label and established her own label / office "Queen's room" to express herself faithfully.
She released three albums and one picture book by her self.
In 2011, She was featured by Jamaica reggae originator · sly & lobby 's Grammy nomination work and expand to the world.
In March, 2018, after giving birth and child-rearing period, she released the new album "JOMON GREEN”.
The album is masterpiece to be expanded from Japan to the world!

also featuring!

Austero Live
$15 tickets

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Klub M.U.K
7:00 PM19:00

Klub M.U.K

Let There Be Uke!

Klub MUK is an Open Uke Stage the first Tuesday of each month at 303. All ukers welcome to get up and do their thang. Come early if you want to get your name on the list!

7:00pm, Free.

The Melbourne Ukulele Kollective, M.U.K., is an open-armed gaggle of ukers of all ages and persuasions, each equipped with only four strings and the truth! With small egos and big dreams, they're on a crusade to bring the greatest glory to the humblest of instruments and put music back into the hands and hearts of the people.



The first ukulele group in Australia, the Melbourne Ukulele Kollective is still boldly going where no ukuleles have gone before. The “muk” is open to all who wish to join her, regardless of experience, and they delight in crossing borders, smashing boundaries and raising the humble ukulele to new heights! They perform in Art and Music Festivals, pubs, race courses, parks, theatres, schools and on the streets. In 2004 they proclaimed that the Ukulele Revolution had arrived. They now proclaim its glorious victory!


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Smiling Politely comedy
7:00 PM19:00

Smiling Politely comedy

What are you doing next Tuesday? If you're not popping round to my mums to wish her a happy birthday you better be getting down to Bar 303 with your skates on your bike on top of a rhino

Cause we've got Dave O'Neill from Spicks and specks (mums favourite) and a bunch of other stuff he's done on the tv. (30 minute set)

We got Jess Perkins who is that voice on triple j telling you if you're a shit person or not and you're like hey jess im late for work i really dont need this right now but she's kind of right and you're hoping that your partner is too interested in their phone to notice similarities of this shit bloke jess is ragging on and you. (15 minute set)

We've got Rohan Ganju who you've probably seen at the IGA across the road (6-4 set)

Zack Dyer will be mastering your chromosomes or was that your parents or does he just look like a combination of both?

10 bucks!

Open mic after

Invite your mates cause it's 10 bucks and they're not that cheap


Smiling Politely is a monthly comedy room at 303. It's a mixture of experienced comics and opec mic.

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8:30 PM20:30

Sean Connolly Quartet


The Sean Connolly Quartet will be performing at Bar 303 on Monday the 10th of December.
It's been awhile since this group has performed in Melbourne so don't miss the chance to see them live at their last gig for 2018!
It will be a mix of original pieces and arrangements as well as some jazz standards.

The Sean Connolly Quartet hail from Melbourne and are proud VCA graduates who are superbly taking Jazz and smoothly fusing it with their aussie indie and folk musically influenced roots.

Bianca Kyriacou - Vocals
Maximilian West - Guitar
Sean Newell - Drums
Sean Connolly - Bass

$5 entry

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8:00 PM20:00

The Woods EP Launch


Join The Woods as we launch out debut, self-titled EP that's hitting digital platforms any moment now. Recorded earlier this year at Laneway Studios, we're itching to play the songs live along with some new material fresh from the rehearsal room. Joining us will be the awesomely talented Unpainted Prospects to create a memorable night! Get there early so you don't miss out.

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3:30 PM15:30

The Gami Gami Devils + Kane Dunleavy



Dear Gami Family,

This year we are throwing a special, intimate Christmas party!
With all your favourite tunes at the family-friendly time of 3:30 pm at the Bar 303 front bar. Come along for an arvo of singing, dancing, drinking and Christmassy goodness.
We're supported this year by troubadour extraordinaire Kane Dunleavy.

Looking forward to a great afternoon with y'all,
xoxo Baby Face, for The Gami Gami Devils

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7:00 PM19:00

Housemate Of Mine + Tumble Turn + Dyllon Mackie


The boys are wrapping up a big year by chucken a massive gig at Northcote’s legendary 303 on a steaming December Fridie night!
Joining them will be their fav anti-snob trash punk outfit TUMBLE TURN and grunge vocalist extraordinaire DYLLON MACKIE.
FRIDAY Dec 7th - 7:00pm - $10bucks
303 High St, NORTHCOTE

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Darebin Songwriters Guild
3:30 PM15:30

Darebin Songwriters Guild

Come on in and down to the back room at Bar 303, where you'll be warmed on a cold August Sunday afternoon by friends and music.  There's wine to be had and songs to be sung.  It's the best place to be in Melbourne's blustery inner suburbs and the best place to hear our local singer songwriters.

We’ll be hearing from:
Mats Bjorkland
Kathryn Clements
Kira Janowsky
Richard Graham
Ruth Parker
Fiona Claire and Michael Macdermid
Sam Terranova
Dean Lombard
Gill Sealby
Suzette Herft
See you there.


Darebin Songwriters Guild was established for songwriters in the City of Darebin [Melbourne] to meet, collaborate and perform. All are welcome to events.

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8:00 PM20:00

Bitter Sweet + Watercolour + The Kujo Kings + Disgruntled Architect


This lineup is a homemade smoothie. You throw in some mango, strawberries and blueberries, drizzle some honey and top it off with a bit of almond milk. Nice. But today you're feeling a little adventurous. You look in the cupboard and pull out some walnuts, you throw in a few spinach leaves and heck, maybe you even chop up a bit of kale and throw that in the blender too. Next thing you know you're sprinkling some of that fancy mushroom powder that your sister bought from an organic food shop in Northcote that's supposed to give you super powers. You blend that motherfucker up and gulp it down and it's waaaacky but it's goooood. You feel alive, you feel refreshed, you feel satiated.

*You attending this gig = being entertained by a wacky concoction of music and human beings*

Tickets $5 on the door! #cheapaschips

Bitter Sweet is an audio-visual creative project that was conceived, born and raised in the fertile soil of Melbourne. At nearly nine years of age, its most vivid memories are of uncontained, visceral energy exchanged between band and audience at shows and house parties. The core members of this group (Cade Harrison, Lachlan Powell, Matt Millsom) primarily produce their music with the human voice, a Korg Minilogue synthesizer, Nord Electro keyboard, drums, cymbals and various other percussion. It is not uncommon to find other performers on stage at their shows, since collective collaboration is at the core of this group's ethos.

Watercolour, the seven-piece get-up with an off-kilter line-up. This band gets funky with flute, rocks out on trumpet and swings with violin. The mash of genres, fusion of instruments, and unconventional ideas make this act a fun, truly unique experience. https://open.spotify.com/album/5BLNKrx6VzEUpqteECt8Wq?si=Dx6uX9g4QTSZjA0KDPOZCg

The Kujo Kings are keeping ska music alive and healthy, unlike that poor bonsai plant you bought at bunnings 6 months ago and keep forgetting to water. These guys write original ska music so it's fresh, it's Australian, there's trumpet, there's sax, there's trombone and anyone who has been to their shows will tell you that it's a fun time and all your irrational fears about having a lil boogie will melt away. Don't believe me? Google 'The Kujo Kings' and see for yourself. Better yet, catch their set at this show!

Disgruntled Architect aims to provide a great time for any audience while delivering unique, modern interpretations of various musical traditions including Gypsy Jazz, Klezmer, Flamenco and Arabic Folk. Their compositions focus on remaining true to the musical traditions of their sonic inspirations while continuing to cultivate their frenetic energy and improvisational quality. https://disgruntledarchitect.bandcamp.com/

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7:30 PM19:30

Bohjass 10th Album Launch


Bohjass launch their 10th album "The Beautiful Question" at what will be the final Bohjass gig in Melbourne (for the foreseeable future). Come and send Tim and Belinda off on their big road trip adventure...and if you haven't heard about it then you must come and find out what we're up to!

"The Beautiful Question" is the 10th album of Bohjass and marks an anniversary of 20 years with core members Tim, Bin and Al...so just to amp it up a little, Ali Watts joins the bill launching his first album with Slipper...

"Aphelion" is the first studio album recorded by Ali Watts and his band Slipper. This one has been too long in the waiting, and with scores of tracks unable to fit on the album you can expect another couple to emerge soon!

This is a night to celebrate and we hope you will come and join us as we (Tim and Bin) will miss this place and all the people who have made it so damn spectacularly fun and crazy, inspirational and...well, like a real village! Northcote, you've been great...fare thee well...

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7:30 PM19:30

Bohjass + Glory B + Outer Blue Suite


Donation entry.

Timothy Mark Pledger - Saxophones and Guitar
Alastair Watts - Bass Mick Power - Guitar,
Belinda Woods - Flutes Oscar France - Keyboard
Chris Lewis - Percussion Luigi Portararo - Percussion
Daniel Brates - Drums Harry Shaw Reynolds - Drums

Bohjass explore an aural terrain that celebrates European cinematic landscapes whilst traversing a cascading free jazz spirit.

Tim Pledger ~ sax
Belinda Woods ~ flute
Mick Power ~ guitar
Oscar France ~ keyboard/synth
Ali Watts ~ Bass
Daniel Brates ~ Drum kit
Harry Shaw-Reynolds ~ Drum kit
Chris Lewis ~ Percussion
Luigi Portararo ~ Percussion


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7:00 PM19:00

Entropy Quartet + Paul Carter's Playground


Entropy Quartet will be playing their inaugural 303 gig with support from Paul Carter's: Playground - come and help them celebrate.

7pm, donation entry

Entropy - a quartet who, along with their explorative and grooving original material, like to mess with rock pop and electronica. The band comprises Sally Rochlin on saxophone, Ben Delves on guitar, Ben Tansey on bass and Kein Jenkin on drums.

Supported by:

Paul Carter’s project, “Playground” was inspired by a desire to play some old favourite and slightly obscure American and Australian jazz standards in the only way he knows how: soulfully, joyfully and playfully. “Playground” will be in Quartet format this evening featuring Adam Thwaites on guitar, Ben Christensen on double bass and Aaron McCoullough on drums.

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8:00 PM20:00

Homebass feat. Monkey Marc, Safire, Auramechanic & Kodiak Kid


Homebass #9 is here with a Melbourne Music Week special!

🚨🚨 Only 90 tickets left - will sell out, so grab one now if you don't want to miss out 🚨🚨

Monkey Marc (DJ set)

Amidst the low rumbles and exploratory sounds spilling forth and echoing out from all around our city, dance floors, theatres and concert halls come alive to the overload of cultural offerings that is Melbourne Music Week ... and to celebrate, the HomeBass crew are serving up their own slice of the sonic cake.

This month, Auramechanic takes up curator duties and the result is an epic lineup that pays homage and glances back down the paths of inspiration we’ve taken so far, while also providing an illuminating scope and insight into the future endeavours of two of this country's finest producers, beat-makers, performers and all-round good guys: Safire and Monkey Marc!!

🔊🔊 Safire 🔊🔊
If you’ve spent even a minute on a drum & bass dancefloor in Australia, you would no doubt be familiar with the work of local bass hurdler Safire. Although having said that, he has been scarce on the local scene as 2018 has seen the majority of his time spent in the continuous pursuit of international mega-stardom, burning up both the club and festival scenes across Europe. It's been with privilege and pride that we’ve watched our friend move from strength to strength and earn himself a place on the world’s stage next to the best in the game. Prepare yourself for a good old fashion throw-down as we welcome our brother home.

🔥🔥 Monkey Marc 🔥🔥
Lurking behind the monstrous sound of his classic Akai MPC is from where Monkey Marc prefers to take command of the stage, flooding dancefloors with layers of warm thick analogue baselines and dubbed out rhythms. His signature production style and definitive flavour is unmatched and has long been a favourite of dancefloors across Australia and the world. Having built such a successful career as a renowned super producer and currently releasing with legendary Jamaican deejay Ninjaman, it's a rare opportunity that we get the chance to see him perform the role of DJ. Prepare yourself for a journey thru the crates of his inspiration and influences as Monkey gives you rare insight into the music that has helped shape this legend.

Support sets courtesy of your friendly neighbourhood HomeBass residents Auramechanic and KODIAK KID.

This one is not only just for the head, it’s for the heart and soul of it all as well.

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7:00 PM19:00

Ivy Streep + Happy Morbid + The Veins + The Limerants


Groovecult Records is proud to present a new line of shows aptly named Groovecult Presents! In these gigs we will be showcasing the absolute jamms that our artists have to offer as a way for you, the peeps, to be blessed with the incredible talent and vibes that are so rich within our local community.
We'll be boogin on down to 3 of our own bands, each with fresh new music coming (courtesy of yours truly :) ), and 1 guest spot from the deep, tasty midst of the Melbourne scene!

Aaand to kick things off we've got;

11:00-11:45pm \\ Ivy Streep
With their debut album heavily in the works, these dudes are totally on fire with a sweet blend of Zep-style riffs and Strokes-tier catchiness

10:00-10:45pm \\ happy morbid
Our guests for the night, this duo makes noise louder than most 4 piece out there with some huuge heavy tones and playful vibe

9:00-9:45pm \\ The Veins
Fresh, new, and with their debut EP dropping oh so soon (before this gig even), you will have never heard a guitar sound so large, coupled with some hard-hitting and dreamy stoner rock goodness

8:00-8:45pm \\ The Limerants
Fast paced, catchy and downright groovy, this 5 piece powerhouse is set to have ya wiggling, be it to their party of a performance or the several singles that are on the way verrry soon

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Bohjass + Edelplastik + The Bird Conference
7:30 PM19:30

Bohjass + Edelplastik + The Bird Conference

 Bohjass present a night of spiritual jazz. Led by Tim Pledger on saxophone, Bohjass wander the nether regions of free jazz and free rock with big sounds and a huge vibrant energy that will inspire your imagination and warm your soul. Special guests on the night are the brilliant new energy band Star Time & Mick Power band...

Appropriately taking their name from both a James Brown record and a Sun Ra record, Star Time is a new melbourne 7 piece collective performing free improvisation over live funk drum beats. Merging free jazz and experimental noise sonics with New York no wave and underground disco, Star Time’s liberation vibe is alternately meditative and disturbing. Lyrical and angular. Hypnotic dance beats, dense jagged tones, and an absence of almost all formal structure conspire to form an original, unshakable groove music. Not to be missed!

8:00pm, $5/$10


Bohjass are...

ali watts electric bass
belinda woods flutes
micka power gtr
oscar francais pino noir
luigi cuban missile portararo on oh oh conga (who remembers "the banana splits"?)
harry renaldo on persuasive percusso rain
daniela bratwurst the third on battery inspired dream

chewy lewis in chicken tray, assorted globules of thought and misrceant

and lastly, mostly leastly but never leslie

the ingratiable uncle e on woodwind macabre

Bohjass is Tim Pledger's longest running band. Bohjass began in 1986 as a trio called Bohemian Jazz. Over the years Bohjass has played in many locations including a long standing residency at the Glengarry Castle Hotel in Redfern Sydney and many country NSW tours. After moving to Melbourne in early 1993 with his band Sufi Dervish, Tim reformed Bohjass after teaming up with musicians at NMIT in Collingwood in 1994. In 1995 Tim entered VCA under the direction of the legendary Brian Brown and met up with like minded improvisors including Belinda Woods, John O'Hagan, Will Guthrie, Cam Macallister, Will Poskitt and many others. In 1997 Bohjass won the VCA Atheneum Award as best Ensemble in the Improvisation stream. Bohjass has played in many venues over the years including the Sydney Opera House and  Bennetts Lane Jazz Club and has appeared at many festivals including Folk Rhythm and Life, quite a few Fringe festivals, Jazz Fringe festivals, The Quiet Music Festival, many High Vibes Festivals on High St Northcote and most recently at the Falls Festival at Lorne.

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6:00 PM18:00

Hazy Sundaze


A lazy, hazy Sunday at Bar 303 with beats and bass music from local DJs and producers:

5.30–7.00 Jordan B2B Gezfire B2B Baddums
7.00–7.30 Hawk I & Lego (System Unknown)
7.30­–8.00 Aoi (live)
8.00–9.00 Gada B2B Nonentity
9.00–10.00 Stormn Norm B2B Mystik (Modern Hypnosis)
10.00–11.00 Emelyne B2B Bevin Campbell (Blend Corp)

Free entry

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8:00 PM20:00

Funky Kingston #4 (feat. Mista Savona's Jackie Mittoo Review)


Get ready to ROCKSTEADY, do the SKA, and skank to the sounds of REGGAE from yesteryear, at Australia's premier vintage Jamaican music night.

For the 4th instalment of Funky Kingston, we will have 2018 ARIA nominee MISTA SAVONA coming fresh off his "Havana Meets Kingston" world tour with his incredible JACKIE MITTOO REVIEW! Plus resident DJs Mohair Slim, Jesse I, and Rick Howe playing nothing but classic Jamaican 45s, guest selection from Cassawarrior, and host Stick Mareebo keeping the vibes alive on the mic.

Funky Kingston #4 takes place on Saturday 17th November at Bar 303 (303 High St, Northcote). 9pm-3am. $20.


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8:00 PM20:00

Y Street + The Hodz + Tender Fields

https _cdn.evbuc.com_images_52259658_280331905561_1_original.jpg

Big K Entertainment is pleased to bring together 3 bands that will rock you, seduce you and take to a little place that just feels good....


Y STREET have been quietly making their unique brand of music together for 12 months. Thier style seemlesly shifts between brit pop, indi rock to punk influence. The Y STREET boys are refreshing and authentic and do thier ting really well!!


THE HODZ are new to the Melbourne music scene - having spent the last year locked away in rehersals this will be thier first gig togther..... You wont be let down!!!


TENDER FIELDS is a 5 piece band that have play rock Blues and cant resit a little reggae. Beautiful accomplished musicians write and perform songs that entertain and move us – we wouldn’t want it any other way

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8:00 PM20:00

Basement Spaceman + Jemilah

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Basement Spaceman return with their sleepy worldview. Stacked with local references, time shifting riffs and hypnotic dub inspired foundations, the new album ‘For Those Afraid Of The Rising Sun’ is out now.

Basement Spaceman are based in Eltham, Victoria. Their debut self-titled album was released in 2013 and since then they have released 3EPs. Much of 2017 & 2018 was spent writing and recording ‘For Those Afraid Of The Rising Sun’ which presents as a departure from their earlier work, exploring a ride through sleep and the shock of waking up. Hummable melodies underpinned by complex themes and hidden musical moments that can only be detected on multiple listens.

Basement Spaceman will be presenting songs from the new album at 303, Northcote on November the 15th with special guest Jemilah.

Recorded at BSHQ Eltham, Victoria and Studio 73, Whangaparoa, NZ Mixed at the Black Lodge by Joel Taylor
Mastered at Crystal Mastering by Joe Carra
Cover Art and Photography by Vernon Rive

All songs written by Andy Brown and performed by Basement Spaceman

For more information: www.basementspaceman.com Email: rowdydisc@iprimus.com.au

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7:00 PM19:00

MHFS & CineCult303 present 'Spider Labyrinth' (1988)


Melbourne Horror Film Society Presents in collaboration with Cinecult303:

Directed by Gianfranco Giagni.

This November MHFS and Cinecult303 will spin a web together for our combined patrons to tantilise and enthrall you with this Italian Giallo/Supernatural Horror, with a sprinkle of Lovecraft. Guest programmer, MHFS's David, takes over the CineCult303 and wreaks havoc upon your eyes...

Alan Whitmore, a young American researcher, goes to Budapest to visit Professor Roth, with whom he collaborated on a secret project called "Intextus". Arrived in the Hungarian capital, Alan finds Roth whom, in panic, hands him a black book which he says should include information of the utmost importance.

This is a lesser known Lovecraftian Film, possibly because it has no connection to Lovecraft except in feel, mood and a protagonist feeling out of place. The story and look is almost an homage to other Italian Horror films and directors. The special effects are fantastic and the use of stop motion is amazing, it is very reminiscent of Carpenter's 'The Thing'. The pace is slow and as the story unravels and the mystery heightens, the mood darkens and the 3rd act is a lot of horrific fun.
Myself (David) and Ben watched this film together, neither of us had seen it and we both were thoroughly entertained, lost for words and decided as the credits rolled that we needed to get this film out there. We both decided that the time had come for us to do a cross-over, and this - something too weird for MHFS - was right up Cinecult303’s alley!

Come join us at MHFS’s old stomping ground for a night of fun, laughs, gasps and weirdness to boot.

I hope you can join us for a night of Italian Madness, straight from an old VHS.

As always, CineCult303 asks for a gold coin donation for entry.

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7:00 PM19:00

Melbourne Polytechnic Music Presents


Melbourne Polytechnic Music and Music Production proudly present our awesome Advanced Diploma & Diploma Music Performance students performing a band extravaganza in the relaxed vibes of 303. This afternoon and evening will feature thirteen bands from our Fairfield and Prahran campuses, performing an excellent selection of jazz and Australian pop and rock music. Join us for a lovely Sunday funday with some great live music from some of the best up-and-coming musicians in Melbourne! FREE entry!


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3:30 PM15:30

Lyrical Women Songwriter's Showcase


Come along and enjoy some original music performed by talented female songwriters and performers who have been involved with the Lyrical Women project.

About Lyrical Women:
An offshoot project of Wild At Heart Community Arts, we aim to celebrate and empower female musicians and songwriters living with mental illness, disability and/or disadvantage.

Feature Artist: Rat Child
Rat Child’s powerful soul vocals are combined with her particular knack for earnest storytelling inspired by the traditions of blues and folk music. Seeing herself as both artist and activist, Rat Child's lyrics reflect this and her personal vulnerability, as well as her drive for social change is translated through every performance. Often seen performing with a large band, Rat Child relishes in the opportunity to share her music solo, as a more intimate and personal way to tell stories and connect with her audience.


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7:00 PM19:00

Bradley Stone - 'I Choose You' Tour



With the release of his latest single ‘I Choose You’, Bradley Stone is pleased to announce an East Coast Australian tour, with dates in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Bradley Stone’s work is a vision of the world around him. His live performance is the expression of introspection into the delves of nostalgia, love and the psychedelic. Unafraid to reveal his deepest thoughts through untamed sound, Bradley frames the moments that are hard to set free.

Breaking out of his mind through a palette of artistic mediums such as music and his love of photography, he effortlessly captures the raw sensations of the natural world in which he finds most inspiring. Having comparisons made to Matt Corby and Jeff Buckley, Bradley’s work is the constant unravelling of a narrative in which he wishes to share with the world.

“I’m excited to get back on the road again and performing new songs off the next EP, as well as my latest single I Choose You,” Bradley says.

‘I Choose You’ was the selected song performed for the Extra Support Acts YouTube campaign with 5 Seconds of Summer, and in collaboration with Universal Music.


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